The Brink Of War–By Golly, It’s Good For the US of A!!!

Saudis decision to send troops in Syria final bomb-editSaudi’s decision to send troops to Syria in an attempt to bolster and toughen efforts against militants is “final” and “irreversible,” the Saudi military spokesman announced on Thursday.Brig. Gen. Ahmed Al-Assiri, said that Riyadh is “ready” and will fight with its U.S.-led coalition allies to defeat ISIS militants in Syria, however, he said Washington is more suitable to answer questions on further details about any future ground operations.“We are representing Saudi’s [decision] only” in sending troops, he said.

Saudis decision to send troops in Syria final

He also sent a message to Iran, saying that if Tehran is serious in fighting ISIS, then it must stop supporting “terrorism” in Syria or Yemen.

Another civil war in which the sides have been chosen by the Sunni alliance and the almighty self righteousness of the American empire. It is fine for our allies to use the cluster bombs that they recently purchased from us, killing and maiming more innocent civilians than “rebels” with munitions that may last in the sands for generations to do the same to the innocent, but it is not allowed for any other nation to achieve such levels of atrocity.

I say any American blood shed in this sectarian conflict and turf war that is the result of American policies and acquiescence is an act of treason and a crime against the citizens of this country, whether they wear the uniform or not. Encouraging the death of thousands of the innocent citizens of the nations under attack, even of those rightfully defending their homelands with arms, is a war crime.

Saudi Arabia is going to host a meeting for the Islamic Military Alliance next month, Al Arabiya News Channel reported on Wednesday.

Thirty-five Muslim countries released a joint statement announcing the formation of the alliance against terrorism in December last year.The alliance’s joint command center is located in the Saudi capital Riyadh.

All of them Sunni, of course.

Anyone who believes that this is a “bipartisan” coalition of muslims that has every intent on attacking their religious compatriots, should have their head examined.

lets-go-405x248The Royal family of Saudi Arabia has received its sole authority to rule since the late 1700’s through their ideological subjugation to the Imams of the Wahhabi sect and the Mufti’s that interpret their laws. In the fragile state of the region, to think that they will aggressively attack other Sunnis is very hard to fathom. Possible, but unlikely.

The goal of everything that has been done over the past years in the middle east by the United States and our Sunni allies has been to destroy Assad’s Syria and eliminate Russian influence, reduce the regional footprint of Shiite Iraq and encircle Iran.

All who oppose Anglo-American transnational corporate sovereignty over their own nations must be eliminated. In a rapidly dwindling world market, the need has never been greater. Expansion, profit and control the innate mantra of finance capitalism is insatiable and devours all that oppose it, until it devours itself.

It is such a wonderful virtuous circle. Remove the recalcitrant leaders of independent sovereign nations nations, destroy their infrastructure, make them dependent on the largess of “Western” finance capitalists, remove the threats of loss of hegemony by emasculating the remaining non-aligned powers, i.e. Russia, and all is well–within the empire.

SANAA, Yemen — A spokesman for the Yemeni army told Russian media that hundreds of mercenaries are fighting in his country on behalf of Saudi Arabia and its allies.“They hire poor people from around the world to take part in the hostilities. Among them are Somalis and people from Sudanese tribes,” Brig. Gen. Sharaf Ghalib Luqman told the state-operated Russian news agency RIA Novosti, according to a Jan. 19 report from Sputnik, the agency’s international arm.“However, there are also Europeans, Americans, Colombians. These are contractors from a structure known as Blackwater. This division includes around 400 people.

-Blackwater Mercenaries Are Fighting For Saudi Arabia In Yemen

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