Broken culture, risky reforms leave unethical VA execs on public payroll


When all government, domestic and foreign, in little as in great things shall be drawn to Washington as the center of all power, it will…become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we are separated…I believe the states can best govern our home concerns and the general government our foreign ones–Thomas Jefferson

America is being strangled by bureaucracy. Corrupt, inept, unaccountable and protected and far from the restraints of democratic principles this infection is a disease with only one cure and only one, the withdrawal of all sources of funding. But this cancer has metastasized and the bureaucratized overseers of the Leviathans of government will never dare do what is necessary. America is moving rapidly towards the abyss along with most of the world. The true battle is not between radical Islam and freedom of religion, freedom of speech and thought nor freedom from Islamic tyranny, this is what we are being manipulated to think. The truth is that the real fight, the one we are losing more visibly every single day in America and in every nation whose people strive to be free, is between freedom and centralized, bureaucratic government totalitarian socialism.

The open conspiracy, whose deep government permeates every national capital that had once assumed the mantle of upholding the values of “Western Civilization”, is set to destroy all national borders, all national sovereignty and ultimately all personal freedoms in the name of the best interests of the collective, of the new world order.

Wake up Americans. Everything is being done with a purpose. From the planned invasion of our southern borders, the upcoming hot wars in the Middle East and the obvious effort to destroy Putin, whose revised Russian nationalism is a set back to the planned integration of that nation into the efforts to impose a global government that is unfolding before our eyes, if not our brains. Nothing is as it seems, not even the false memes of Obama’s bumbling weakness and indecisiveness, nor the totally fabricated play acting of the disparity of views between various branches of his own government. It is what we are being told to believe, fanned by an integrally complicit media. And while our attention deficit rattled brains flits from one extremely well planned “crisis” to another in the flash of a hash-tag, our personal freedoms are disappearing. Wake up. 

bureaucracy (1)Nobody at the Department of Veterans Affairs linked to phony appointment logs or patient deaths has been fired, despite a hastily passed new law designed to make it easier to oust corrupt and inept federal managers.

The legislation President Obama signed in August is aimed at speeding the process of firing dishonest and incompetent managers in the scandal-plagued department.

Congress hurried the legislation after revelations earlier this year by the Washington Examiner and others about dozens of patients dying following unreasonable delays in seeing doctors and getting treatment at VA facilities.

But VA Secretary Robert McDonald hasn’t used the new powers to fire anybody implicated in the widespread scheduling fraud that allowed senior managers to appear to meet agency goals and qualify for hefty bonuses.

The personnel provision of the new law “seems widely misunderstood or misinterpreted,” McDonald said.

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