Buckle Your Seats – This Will be SO MUCH Worse than You Thought


If I can show that this was all a cheat, and that the Leaders of this Association disbelieved every word that they uttered, and every doctrine that they taught; and that their real intention was to abolish all religion, overturn every government, and make the world a general plunder and a wreck–if I can show, that the principles which the Founder and Leaders of this Association held forth as the perfection of human virtue, and the most powerful and efficacious for forming the minds of men, and making them good and happy, had no influence on the Founder and Leaders themselves, and that they were, almost without exception, the most insignificant,  worthless, and profligate of men; I cannot but think, that such information will make my countrymen hesitate a little, and receive with caution, and even distrust, addresses and instructions which flatter our self-conceit, and which, by buoying us up with the gay prospect of what is perhaps attainable by a change, may make us discontented with our present condition, and forget that there never was a government on earth where the people of a great and luxurious nation enjoyed so much freedom and security in the possession of everything that is dear and valuable.

And when we see that the methods which were practised by this Association for the express purpose of breaking all the bands of society, were employed solely in order that the leaders might rule the world with uncontrollable power, while all the rest, even of the associated, will be degraded in their own estimation, corrupted in their principles, and employed as mere tools of the ambition of their unknown superiors; surely a free-born Briton will not hesitate to reject at once, and without any farther examination, a plan so big with mischief, so disgraceful to its underling adherents, and so uncertain in its issue.

==Proofs of a Conspiracy: Against all the Religions and Governments of Europe, Carried on in the Secret Meetings of Freemasons, Illuminati and Reading Societies (ROBISON, JOHN) 1778

John Robison’s Proofs of a Conspiracy against All the Religions and Governments of Europe, published in Philadelphia in 1798, was in GW’s library at his death. This letter from Snyder initiated a flurry of correspondence between him and GW. GW replied on 25 Sept.: “Sir, Many apologies are due to you, for my not acknowledging the receipt of your obliging favour of the 22d Ulto, and for not thanking you, at an earlier period, for the Book you had the goodness to send me.

tyranny3“I have heard much of the nefarious, & dangerous plan, & doctrines of the Illuminati, but never saw the Book until you were pleased to send it to me. The same causes which have prevented my acknowledging the receipt of your letter, have prevented my reading the Book, hitherto; namely—the multiplicity of matters which pressed upon me before, & the debilitated state in which I was left after, a severe fever had been removed. And which allows me to add little more now, than thanks for your kind wishes and favourable sentiments, except to correct an error you have run into, of my Presiding over the English lodges in this Country. The fact is, I preside over none, nor have I been in one more than once or twice, within the last thirty years. I believe notwithstanding, that none of the Lodges in this Country are contaminated with the principles ascribed to the Society of the Illuminati.

With respect I am Sir Your Obedt Hble Servt Go: Washington

I am sure that most of my readers have by now become rather tainted by my use of phrases like, this is the endgame and such, that is if there are still readers out there not hitting the delete buttons as these missives clog up the email servers. However, I can not stress enough the truly dire situation America and the world are in right now. A populist revolt will not succeed without the vast masses revolting against the far more formidable forces arrayed against us.

Caution-NWOThey can not, now or ever, let an independent mind enter the White House. I have been warning of this for several years now ad nauseum for most, I am sure. However, time is running very short and being prepared, even if only in your mind is now absolutely essential for your survival. For some the shock of the revelation of the truth will alone be more than they can bear, for to truly grasp the depth and breadth of the corruption and evil that now infects the ruling elites in America and Europe is virtually beyond comprehension for the overwhelming majority of Americans as well as the citizens of Europe. The process was started over 100 years ago, without going as far as the Bavarian Illuminati of Adam Weishaupt in 1776, as once a State uses its coercive powers to the benefit of its elites the inevitable path towards tyranny is sealed.

One can not imagine the depravity, immorality and ruthlessness of the enemies of human freedom and America’s national sovereignty, because it is beyond comprehension for those who have kept religion, morality, and what the power elites have determined are anachronistic American values in their hearts. The extent of the government and media cooperation in defending the evil that is Hillary Clinton should be a warning to anyone who has retained even a small voice of rationality in their minds.

The battle is now. The forces arrayed against our liberties are more than formidable, but not beyond destruction if the people of this nation and the world stand up and fight. Fight in anyway we can. The world we knew is rapidly disappearing, what comes next is up to each of us.

Do I think Hillary Will Win? Buckle Your Seats – This Will be Worse than You Thought | Armstrong Economics

When it came to BREXIT, the computer correctly forecast that the leave side would win and there would be a big turnout. I personally stated that I “believed” they would rig the election as they had done with every other European election from Austria and Scotland all the way to Italy and Spain. I also stated that the only way for BREXIT to win would be an overwhelming majority, which did happen. Personally, I was wrong for I questioned whether they would really be able to win. This is what I mean that my “opinion” is not infallible. It’s just an opinion.

Looking at the Electoral College, yes it appears to be a close race again. The population voting models only give Hillary a 25% chance of winning. But the press is in all out war against Trump and the American people creating propaganda like we have never seen in American history. Once again, I will say this.

UNLESS there is a huge turnout, they will UNDOUBTEDLY rig the game for Hillary. You have the Republican Elite who behind the curtain are pushing for Hillary. So I would also have to assume they will rig the election every which way possible. There is far too much at stake to allow an OUTSIDER to go to Washington. They stole state from Bernie to make sure Hillary won. Without that, Bernie would have been the candidate.

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-To George Washington from G W Snyder 22 August 1798