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Our accusations against democracy can be summarized in the following catalogue:

1.  Democracy—with the exception of direct democracy, practical on a minute scale only—is not “self-government.”

2.  It is emotional, at best irrational, and often anti-rational and anti-intellectual.

3.  It is corrupting in most of its implications and thus morally dangerous.

4.  It is wasteful from the point of view of the “human material.”

5.  It is historically closely bound up with the liberal heresy (“sectarian liberalism”), with the despair of the attainability of objective truth, and with the maladies of militarism, ethnic nationalism and racialism.

6.  It is, because of its egalitarianism, teleologically incompatible with liberty.

7.  It is the last step in the political evolution towards the modern form of tyranny.

8.  It prospers only with the support of strict, semi-totalitarian or totalitarian societies exercising control in the form of “horizontal pressure.”

9.  It is collectivistic and anti-personalistic.

==Liberty or Equality: The Challenge of Our Time  (Erik von Kuhnelt-Leddihn)

Same CrapIndeed, individuals and families are as responsible as those hated organizations, if not more so, because it is from the actions and desires of individuals that large companies and government bureaucracies derive their power. What reckless manufacturer, for instance, would be able to continue its egregious pollution if no consumer bought its products? What politician could curtail freedoms and aid a special interest if the citizens of the country refused to put up with a system that enabled such corruption?

There is something of a catch inherent in modern civilization. Everyone knows that the system is fraudulent and corrupt, but no one dares to try to reform it because it gives him what he wants. Any attempt at revolt or reform would disrupt and threaten his own well-being, which most people cannot afford. Reform in general is like trying to move a rug that you’re standing on—doing so will only knock you down.

To accomplish anything in today’s system, especially in the case of reform, one must address the problem with his own form of a lobby group, political action committee, or an actual political campaign. One can see the catch here in full view: To fix the ills of the modern system, one must support it and foster its ways, thus exacerbating those ills. To solve the problem, one must become a part of it and thus make it worse.

Most Americans want nothing to do with the vast bureaucracies that make up our sprawling politico-economic system; they would rather focus on their personal endeavors, their jobs, their families, and so on. Of course, their staying away from the bureaucracy tends to make matters even worse.

The more decent persons are repulsed by the system, the more corrupt the system becomes and thus requires their help. The more the system requires their help, the more repulsed they become.

==Juggernaut: Why the System Crushes the Only People Who Can Save It (Eric Robert Morse)

One, only one true ruling party in America, the Fascist Party of the United States of America, but with two major factions fighting over the spoils of the empire. With the imminent collapse of our overarching global empire the fight over the riches and power that are derived from arriving at the pinnacles of the mountain top of elite rule will continue to intensify. That is all this current choreographed “Potomac Two Step” is all about. “We” the people, the citizens of this nation are nothing but minor supporting actors, the slaves supporting the crumbling edifices of power. In our ignorance, and God only knows we are ignorant, we are played like a fine Stradivarius–but eventually the strings will break. Unfortunately, they will do so on the backs of the people of this once great nation.

Bureaucratic Swine at the Trough

1252669880_MoreOfTheSame_answer_6_xlargeThe Cato Institute’s Dan Mitchell goes three for three in this compelling expose.

The crowd in Washington benefits enormously from a complicated tax system, a Byzantine regulatory regime, and a bloated budget.

The Republicans will take the Senate.

Nothing will change in Washington

Until We The People force the change needed. And the required revolution will necessarily involve some unpleasantries, as the French are about to find out. You see, in France a third party, the far right Front National, is setting up for a takeover in the next French presidential election. Socialist President Francois Hollande, if it is possible, has an approval rating of about half Obama’s grizzly, election-losing rating. And potential #2 candidate Nicolas Sarkozy was so rotten as president last time around it is hard to envision even the French putting him back in office. As a radical nationalist, anti-EU, anti-Muslim third party candidate, Marine Le Pen is making a whole lot of noise. Debbie and I have seen this coming for over four years and have written regularly on the astounding ascendancy of such a polarizing far right candidate.—— via Bureaucratic Swine at the Trough « RichardCYoung.com

Washington’s Nauseatingly Corrupt Culture…and 2014 Election Predictions for the House and Senate | International Liberty

I sometimes think that working at the Cato Institute and trying to change Washington must be akin to working at a church in the middle of Amsterdam’s red light district.

ElephantDonkeyMasksIn both cases, you’re wildly outnumbered by people with a different outlook on life. And it’s not that easy to save misguided souls.

The crowd in Washington, for instance, benefits enormously from a complicated tax system, a Byzantine regulatory regime, and a bloated budget.

All of these factors create big opportunities for unearned income for bureaucrats, cronies, politicians, contractors, lobbyists, and other insiders.

Telling those people they should back away from the public trough is not exactly a way to make friends in DC.

[gview file=”http://www.troutinmilk.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Washingtons_Nauseatingly_Corrupt_Cultureand_2014_Election_Predictions_for_the_House_andnbspSenate-1.pdf”]

[gview file=”http://www.troutinmilk.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/The_Hunter_Biden_Chronicles.pdf”]

via Washington’s Nauseatingly Corrupt Culture…and 2014 Election Predictions for the House and Senate | International Liberty.

Mary Cheney and prominent Republican consultants linked to Karl Rove, Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee are working to expand or protect the Obamaphone entitlement program, apparently on behalf of the telecom companies that make millions on it.

A secretive front group called Prepaid Wireless Users of America was formed several weeks ago to launch a massive pro-Obamaphone advertising campaign in the D.C. broadcast market.

The Federal Communications Commission program — begun in 1985 and still formally known as the Lifeline Program for Low-Income Consumers — charges a dollar or two per line on every American’s phone bill.

The revenue generated by the “Universal Service Fund fee” is then used to pay select phone companies $9.25 per month for each poor person they sign up for a free phone.

[gview file=”http://www.troutinmilk.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Top_GOPers_including_a_Cheney_are_behind_a_new_proObamaphone_ad_campaign.pdf”]

via Top GOPers, including a Cheney, are behind a new pro-Obamaphone ad campaign | WashingtonExaminer.com.