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QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Do you think that Hillary can win? And if so, what would happen?

 ANSWER: Our model is not unanimous for Trump. There is technically a 25% chance that Hillary could win, which one of our four models projects a Democratic victory. However, if you look at the mainstream channels from CNN, CBS, ABC, and NBC, it is very clear they have an agenda to defeat Trump. Just like in Britain, they are starting to manipulate the polls already. I would not expect the polls to be fair or honest this year as was proven in the BREXIT vote.

The elites are desperate to kill Trump and they will manipulate the polls just as they forced the head of Fox News out on the very day Trump was to deliver his acceptance speech. They rig and coordinate absolutely everything to prevent a Trump victory. This is all out political war. Make no mistake about that. Even the Republican elites like Paul Ryan and John McCain want to defeat Trump and will hail Hillary behind the curtain. Neither one wants an outsider who might expose their corruption. McCain voted to put a sales tax on the internet and then denied he voted for a tax increase claiming he was voting only to force collection of what was owed to the States. He is a two-face liar with a nasty temper who berates even a waitress for the slightest mistake.

The press is part of the establishment and have received their marching orders to push Hillary. They are vehemently against Trump as are all the Republican elites like Paul Ryan, John McCain, and Mitt Romney because those in Washington want to rob the people as always and are clinging to power. The claimed Billionaires for Hillary are buying the White House and various positions on committees for ego. Hillary’s pick for Secretary of the Treasury will be Larry Fink, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BlackRock. He will get to sell all his stock in Black Rock tax free. This is why these people take these positions in addition to ego. They have to sell their shares and the law allows them tax-free status because this is a requirement. Why do you think Robert Rubin and Hank Paulson from Goldman Sachs took that position. Besides helping Goldman, they get to cash out tax free.

Can Hillary Win

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