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For a man suffering from a very serious case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) what is happening to him and his administration at the hands of the American people and even his former associates in the Executive branch, all well deserved if not long overdue, raises serious risks for the nation. Although, it is hard to imagine that he may become even more disconnected from reality than he has been, it is certainly possible that Obama may become a tad unhinged. There are many obvious risks associated with NPD in the Oval Office, one of which is that Obama and his immediate advisers, Susan Rice and the mysterious Rasputinesque Valerie Jarrett move so far off the agenda of the real government, that of the hidden powers behind the national security and military state, that he becomes a liability not only to the nation but to the survival of the hidden state itself. There are indications that this is happening already. In the past, this risk has ended in tragedy. 

Barack Obama is antsy. His aides can see it when he alights from Air Force One from the all-too-occasional campaign trips he has taken this fall. There’s a sigh, an unhappy-camper body language when he finds himself back in the depressing slipstream of Ebola confabs and national-security-crisis-of-the-day meetings. The vibe, according to people in his orbit, is not so much of being checked out as of being fed up.

“[I] do like campaigning. … It’s fun,” Obama said on Thursday, speaking wistfully at a rally for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Michaud in Maine. But the Michaud event was the exception, not the rule. “There have been $2 billion in ads shitting on the president and no one to defend him,” a senior administration official told us. “He is very fired up to get this campaign behind him, to run through the tape.”

Obama, for so long the man with the bright future hated being relegated to a sidelined pariah in the midterms—even if it is the inevitable lot of a second-termer with approval ratings hovering in the low 40s—according to a dozen current and former Obama advisers we spoke with in recent days. He both resents the narrative that he’s basically irrelevant and doesn’t much relish the fact that many of his longest-serving staffers, the remnant core of his once-buzzing and brash White House, are strapping themselves to ejector seats. More than anything, Obama’s loathing for Washington, an attitude that reads as ennui to outsiders, has hardened into a sullen resignation at being trapped in a broken system he failed to change, advisers told us.

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