Chaos Is Here, Collapse is Coming: It is going to get much worse

Hans Morgenthau, the political theorist, has said that men don’t willingly accept the truth about human nature and especially about political nature. The aim of politics, Morgenthau says, is not to make people better or to alleviate their misery: it is to increase the power of one man or group of men against the power of another man or group of men.

Morgenthau says our enemies are never as bad as we make them out to be, and we are never as good as we think. We’re convinced that we’re moral. And we know damn well that our enemy is only out for power and resources, but has no morals at all. Yet, we, too, are out for power and resources. And our enemy, like us, has a moral sense. He uses that moral sense just as we do, says Morgenthau, to narrow the aperture of his consciousness and ignore his appetite for power. 

It’s easy to see why humans are willing to fight to the death to defend the memes [self-replicating cultural ideas] that constitute their belief systems. To allow a faith or ideology to be overthrown would be to abandon a massive neural fabric into which you’ve invested an entire life, a network that cannot easily be replaced, perhaps that cannot be replaced at all.

==The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition into the Forces of History (Bloom, Howard)

This daily roller coaster of scandals and crises, as well as the multiple threats facing the nation during (and often because of) Obama’s presidency, would be daunting enough. But add to them a pervasive and wantonly perverse culture that celebrates mindless narcissism and wild sexuality while openly mocking God, morality, and the overarching transcendent sacredness of life that preserved our national soul in previous eras. The result is that Americans today are being affected by political and moral chaos in unprecedented and transformative ways.

Indeed, America is undergoing the progressives’ long-promised “fundamental transformation,” and it’s not a pretty sight. That much everyone knows. But what few seem to realize about this “transformation” is that the shear stress of living in today’s upside-down America is literally driving tens of millions to the point of illness, depression, despair, addiction, and self-destruction in a multiplicity of guises.

When, as is the case today, we have widespread family breakdown, a depraved culture that scorns traditional moral values, a chaotic economy, and a power-mad government dominated by demagogues and seeming sociopaths, the normal stresses of life are vastly multiplied.

Worse, subjecting Americans to unbearable stress, conflict, and crisis by Team Obama is not only intentional – it is strategic. Remember, these people are revolutionaries (engaged in “bringing about a major or fundamental change,” as Merriam-Webster puts it.) They are utterly committed to replacing one societal structure – America’s constitutional, limited-government, free-enterprise system – with another – a socialist, wealth-redistributionist system run by an all-powerful government. Such radical change cannot be accomplished while Americans are calm, happy, content, and grateful for their blessings. Citizens must be unhappy and stressed-out. Indeed, widespread popular discontent has always been the required fuel for the leftist transformational engine.

==The Snapping of the American Mind: Healing a Nation Broken by a Lawless Government and Godless Culture (Kupelian, David)

Big Brother in the form of an increasingly powerful government and in an increasingly powerful private sector will pile the records high with reasons why privacy should give way to national security, to law and order […] and the like.”

― William O. Douglas, Supreme Court Justice

Bottle up the champagne, pack away the noisemakers, and toss out the party hats.There is no cause for celebration.We have secured no major victories against tyranny.We have achieved no great feat in pushing back against government overreach.For all intents and purposes, the National Security Agency has supposedly ceased its bulk collection of metadata from Americans’ phone calls, but read the fine print: nothing is going to change.

Life in the Electronic Concentration Camp The Surveillance State Is Alive and Well


Source: The Rutherford Institute :: Life in the Electronic Concentration Camp: The Surveillance State Is Alive and Well

118-700x466It is amazing how dependent I have become not only on access to the internet and the cell phone, but to the speed and efficiency of the services as well. I have been encamped in a wonderful area of rolling hills and farmland in upstate New York at the foothills of the Adirondacks (a little bit of Bedford Falls still remains in America), trying to regain my emotional sanity. Which in a totally dysfunctional,insane world is still difficult to achieve, and with an internet service where the bits and bytes seem to be delivered on the backs of snails  but a tad frustrating as well.

I have not been sending out my little blurbs with any regularity, in fact very few indeed. However that does not imply that I have not been watching in awe the accelerating chaos of the rapid fire events in America and around the globe. The thing is, that the pace of our national and global socioeconomic and geopolitical collapse is accelerating at a speed that is dizzyingly overwhelming, but even more mentally destabilizing is the fact that everything that has been, is, and will be unfolding is not simply random unanticipated coincidences. Nor do all but a very limited few, fully comprehend the epochal global economic and civilizational collapse that is immediately around the corner; those guiding us there and those that understand that they are doing so. 

Though many of the actual micro-aggressions, to take a phrase from the PC progressive book of cultural insanity,  are not planned and may, in fact, be random outbursts from the quantum vacuum of indeterminacy, the overall direction of events; the guidance towards certain ends, the processes in which to attain them and the overarching diagram of an increasingly directed unfolding history has been visible, to all who truly seek it; for generations.

  • The chaos that is impregnating the world is not one of immaculate conception, it is planned, desired and has an end goal. A goal that for some reason most of us cannot fathom or even will remotely consider possible, yet this end, One World Government, global elite tyranny managing a world with little economic growth and very likely a severe population reduction, most likely through the tried and true method, total war.has been openly praised and actively sought by so many of our world’s leaders, particularly those of the Anglo-American Axis, for at the very least the past hundred years.

Yet we are programmed not to hear, not to seek the truth and to be docile followers of the creed of American mythology, of American exceptionalism, one of the most absurd notions ever foisted on a nation.

hqdefault (9)The chaos is not unexpected, as it is the culmination of generations of either misplaced elitist actions driven simply by the innate systemic collective gestalt of crony capitalists greed for power, wealth and some form of immortality or the results of a more insidious, hidden well executed plan to transfer power from nation-states to supra-global, centralized technocratic bureaucracies of control such as The United Nations, the BIS, IMF and NATO. Whichever it is, the end game is upon us. 

After years of research and reading books, many of which are rather hard to find, out of print, or simply unread by most; of course, in a population of functional illiterates, this makes the readership of authors I consider of great import, even more scarce, I have concluded that the latter is more likely. As FDR once said, there are no coincidences in politics. This is even more true when it is the politics of the global order.  

Unfortunately, the chaos we have experience to date, the bloodshed, terrorism, globally dysfunctional economies sustained solely by the will of the central banks, whose sole purpose is to support the power and financial elites that control them, the banks, bankers and revolving door politicians and hidden state bureaucrats.

Why is it that we are immune to the verbal statements and the written words of the power elites in politics and business seeking to create a global, transnational political and economic order, devoid of any semblance of democracy and popular will. Many of these, providing definitive voices of intent by past Presidents, titans of our industrial and financial history, as well as leading intellectual lights that also happened to be included in the select club of America’s power elite. 

It is simply because Americans, in particular, have been the recipients of an aggressive, perpetual propaganda campaign to stupefy the masses and create memes of almost religious fanaticism about the morality, the justness and the efficacy of the American Ideal; the ideals and moral truths we abandoned many, many years ago.

Once, many, many years ago this designation of national superiority was true, but briefly and only in vision, not in action. As we have decimated the lives of millions upon millions of innocents around the world, gassed our soldiers in Vietnam, supported and trained the world’s greatest and evilist torturers, murdered children and pregnant mothers, starved and denied medical to hundreds of thousands of children, if not millions, experimented with radioactive gases upon the black slums of our cities, lead covert operations such as the Gladio projects in Europe terrorizing the citizens of our allies through murder, bombings and bloodshed and on and on and on.

The list of American atrocities perpetrated upon the world and upon our own nation’s citizens by our government, past and present, is longer than any chain imagined by Charles Dickens or his unrepentant ghost, Jacob Marley.  how in the name of God can  anyone still stand upright and pledge allegiance to the corruption that is now America? 

cropped-ITS-NOT-FASCISM-WHEN-WE-DO-IT1-e1447717161941Why is it that we are immune to the verbal statements and the written words of the power elites in politics and business seeking to create a global, transnational political and economic order, devoid of any semblance of democracy and popular will. Many of these, providing definitive voices of intent by past Presidents, titans of our industrial and financial history, as well as leading intellectual lights that also happened to be included in the select club of America’s power elite. 

It is simply because Americans, in particular, have been the recipients of an aggressive, perpetual propaganda campaign to stupefy the masses and create memes of almost religious fanaticism about the morality, the justness and the efficacy of the American Ideal; the ideals and moral truths we abandoned many, many years ago.

Even when the population voices its rabid discontent about the politics, the leadership and integrity of the American political class and the media stooges that support it, we still are so brainwashed as to continue to believe in the innate goodness and moral standing over the death and destruction this nation beings to others around the world, as well as the sacrifices of our freedoms on the false memes of terror and security, the propaganda of the total surveillance police state and the wealthy elites and bureaucracies that thrive off of its continued expansion.

To relinquish the belief systems so ingrained in our psyche; that we live in a democracy, that our leadership ultimately seeks to enhance the greater good of our society, that our national morality, ethics and integrity is still superior to “others”, this even despite the insidious stupidity of cultural marxist relativism, would throw most of America into a black hole of despair, an existential abyss. But that is where we are going to end up anyway, it is intended to be so.

As we try and climb out and regain our sense of moral national purpose, as we seek to embrace the real meanings of the words written on the piece of parchment call the Constitution we will likely be kicked back down into the pit by the ruling power elites who cannot now afford to give back the reigns of power. They have come to far over many years and have been exercising all but a few remaining tools.

The system as we have known is totally played out, a collapse is coming, war and a far less benign form of what Sheldon Wolin calls inverted totalitarianism–it will move to the hard, more tyrannical police state stage as social unrest erupts and the many seeds societal fragmentation results in a Tower of Babel of divisiveness that has not enough focus nor cohesive class consciousness to amount to a viable threat to the powerful interests aligned against the citizens of America.  

A truly Hobbesian world will be contained only by force as America and much of the world are sucked into a dystopian future of Huxleyan and Orwellian provenance. The denigration of our culture and the attempted destruction of all norms of morality and the rule of law under the banners of political correctness, cultural and moral relativism and the intentional dumbing down of the American people into a proletarianized mass of lobotomized civic illiterates not only is fuel for the fires of economic and civil turbulence set to tear the nation apart, they are also direct result of the well executed plan to create a population without the will or the unity to fight back, to revolt.

War is coming; for like that last two world conflagrations the sacrifice of hundreds of millions of lives was worth the attempt to create to new world order, at least is was for the power and financial elites that rule all behind the Potemkin Villages of faux democracy and vaporised freedoms. The League of Nations, the apple of the Fabian socialists and transnational progressives eyes failed as the globalists first attempt. The Second World War, thus became a necessity to pulverize, with the blood of millions, any opposition to the already elite planned United Nations.

We have seen all the guns being fired to entice the people of America and world into the embrace of the transnationalist One World agenda; the environmental movement despite all of the extraordinary infectiousness of the memes of global warming catastrophe forecasted by the same models that cannot even predict tomorrow’s weather, all supported by government grants and the collective insanity of scientists and bureaucrats that would be standing in the unemployment lines without the frenzy.

Even the Pope has been rolled out to enhance the weight of the lies being spread as truth throughout the world, all for the enhancement of the power and control of the United Nations and other major bureaucratic power hungry transnational organizations. 

But it is not working, and for this reason the next war to “end all wars” and the globalist final attempt to impose on humankind tyranny of the technocratic, financial and political elites that have been pushing towards this end since the end of the last world war.

I am hoping to be more productive, at least with regards to sending items out that I think of import, of course, many will have already read some of them. The point being, that though I think that there is an almost zero possibility of avoiding the coming economic and social collapse, nor the subsequent world war that has been brewing for some time, what is critical, at this point, is for more people to be prepared, even if it is only psychologically.

Furthermore, the more understanding there is of how we got to this point and why the events of the next few years will test the American people like non other, even perhaps even greater than the civil war, for the tools of control from the mind to the soul are so much farther advanced. We are no longer sitting on the edge of the abyss, America and the entire world has already fallen within.

download (79)Many feel it viscerally, but don’t understand what is happening. As the fog of lies and untruths is peeled away by a painful and likely very bloody reality most of us will fall upon our knees and ask for it to stop, not understanding  how and why it is all happening. We will cry out for salvation, for security and safety, for the bloodshed and the chaos to end. And it will be done, but at the end of a gun with many in the internment camps that, do in fact exist. We have lost this battle for humanity, let us not lose the war.

A few random thought, when I am with a realistic internet more to follow:

  • The financial and economic implosion ahead is still being radically underestimated in its severity and its social impact. This one is to be of epochal, truly evolutionary proportions–when humanity emerges out the other end of the black hole that has us in its unbreakable grip, the structure of our political, social and economic architecture will be considerably different, not only with what what is today, but unlike any in humankind’s historical record.
  • War is coming–most of us are expendable, as has been the case throughout history. In fact, genetically speaking males, in particular, of almost all species, are biologically, sociologically expendable. When a large body of power elites has come to the absurd, egocentric conclusion that the ideal population of the world is billions less humans than exist today and this view becomes institutionalized within the inner sanctum of the technocratic, self-absorbed and self-designated superior beings, the concern for human life is sublimated into the surreal ideal of saving the planet from us.
  • War is, and has been, the greatest tool for economic, political and social control. The economic collapse ahead and the social turmoil and massive civil unrest will lead to the elites seeking the normal diversion for such events: War.
  • The power elites can not lose control democratically or through popular revolt, certainly not in the Anglo-American Axis. The corruption is too embedded, to deep and so much beyond most of our imaginations that we have crossed the proverbial Rubicon. The culmination of several generations of elite posturing for a one world government is now at hand.
  • The end of cash is coming, as everyone knows. Goldman has the algorithm for the stacking technologies required. BitCoin will end up legislated  out of business. The powers of the total surveillance State will thus become all encompassing.
  • The IMF will create the world currency, to be used following the coming deluge; financial and economic collapse and world war. In effect it already exists, but now with the Yuan included in the basket we are closer to the end of the dollar’s seigniorage.
  • The fact that, with every available venue for the globalists propaganda machinery to spew forth the cataclysmic consequences that will befall humanity if we do not pass serious, enforceable (by the United Nations) climate legislation, the majority of world citizens have seen through the dense fog of lies, manufactured data and half-truths is actually giving a serious a warning sign.
  • The religion of environmentalism, the global transnationalists secular humanist choice for civic world “oneness”, has not taken hold as rabidly as expected, thus more draconian methods are at hand–dissent, as in the age of the Inquisition will not be tolerated.
  • If you are long stocks, get the hell out now. Are you insane?
  • I still think that the risk of the whole global and domestic environment being in such turmoil by next fall that the 2016 elections may not happen. Small risk, but still an unanticipated one.
  • If Trump or even Cruz are the favored anointed by the people, not clearly the power elites, and have not been dealt with, the elections, if held, will be the most corrupt, in a long line of massive voter frauds, in American history.
  • It will be dark soon, and they mostly come at night.