Charles Hugh Smith: The Slide to Collapse Is Greased with Self-Interest

greedI have been a very big fan of Charles Hugh Smith since discovering his work at a number of years ago. He is one of the more brilliant commentators on the disturbing dynamics of what America and the world faces now and the years ahead of us. This is an excellent read.

We are caught in a massive civilizational and geopolitical phase transition between eras and though there are self-adjustments that could be made the system, the State and the powerful self-interests that have destroyed the Constitutional constraints designed by this nation’s founders to protect the individual citizens from their own collective self-destruction, will not allow it. All empires die a similar death. Walt Kelly was correct.

Pogo 3Self-interest is intrinsically self-liquidating on a systemic level.

One enduring if rarely stated principle of Neoliberal Democracy is that the single-minded pursuit of self-interest magically produces an equilibrium which serves everyone’s interests well enough to avoid the destabilization of rebellion or systemic collapse.

Let’s start by defining Neoliberal Democracy: neoliberalism sees markets as the only efficient, fair and durable method of organizing resource extraction and the social order: governance, employment, distribution of income, etc. Turning every social and economic function into a marketplace ensures that market forces provide the discipline and transparency participants need to make prudent choices and investments.

Democracy is a political marketplace in which votes replace investor and consumer decisions as the mechanisms that enforce discipline and transparency.

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