Charleston Shooting: What They’re Not Telling You– An Accurate Perspective–worth watching.

Just another few points in the politically motivated-liberal anti-white, anti-gun and covert fascist propaganda campaign, this is very much worthy of watching.

I have been forecasting for some time now that racial conflict, almost all biased towards the innocence of blacks and the innate criminality of gun-toting whites, would accelerate to a fever pitch in the coming months and years. The cities will witness a surge in black on white crimes, as they already are. Unfortunately, the black poor are being manipulated into a state of accentuated tendencies of violence towards whites in a planned campaign in order to cause the civil unrest needed, along with threats of terror, to further support Police State America.

From surveillance drones to military hardware, there will be no let up of the reinforcement of the capacities of the police and other domestic pseudo-military governmental organizations. The red hearings thrown to the public by the Obama administration and Congress are just that, charades for public consumption, as are almost all of the “democratic” illusions propagated by the impregnable machinery of the State. Cloward-Piven pandemonium and chaos are here, and this is just the start as it is global.