Charlie Hebdo attacks: Anti-Islam parties are now on the march across Europe – The Rise of the Nationalist Right

The gradual transition from the Nation State to the Market State model implies a redefinition of the state’s fundamental promises: from maximization of the Nation’s welfare toward maximization of opportunities for…civil society and citizens. States in the advanced market democracies do not define their own success in terms of being able to resist market forces, as in Europe not long ago, but in terms of fostering market expansion to [provide] a wide range of public…goods.

Nation state terrorism, however, like the twentieth century nation state itself, began to wane with the end of the Long War of the twentieth century—the conflicts that began with World War I and continued until the Second Russian Revolution in 1989 and the end of the Cold War with the Peace of Paris in 1990. As before in the history of the society of states—after the Peace of Utrecht, after the Congress of Vienna—the end of an epochal war and the ratification of an international constitution by a peace congress paradoxically brought intensified terrorist activity and a new modality of terror. Contrasting the announcement by the IRA of the end to its armed campaign with the July 2005 bombings in London that occurred the same week, the journalist Alan Cowell noted that [t]here is [now] no longer even a theoretical separation between “legitimate targets” of traditional insurgency—like the armed forces or political leaders—and the “collateral damage” of civilians…The newest killing draws no such distinction…No one took responsibility or registered a demand. The sense of some proportion between the bombers’ actions and their intentions seems to have been lost.85 As the U.S. National Commission on Terrorism found: A growing percentage of terrorist attacks are designed to kill as many people as possible. In the 1990s a terrorist incident was almost 20 percent more likely to result in death or injury than an incident two decades before…Today’s terrorists seek to inflict mass casualties, and they are attempting to do so both overseas and on American soil.

==Terror and Consent (Philip Bobbitt)

(Brilliant book, but I disagree with it’s core premise–at least for now, the nation-state is about to see a resurgence as it revolts against the globalist, transnational corporate state, what Bobbitt terms the “market-state”, of the ruling elites. Is this what we have become, driven only by the profusion of market rigged, inculcated brainwashed goods consumption for the total loss of all things core to the sense of nation, of history and the uniqueness of our European cultural heritage?)

Terror Attack on Charlie Hebdo Newspaper in Paris Kills 12

Today’s horrible event in Paris will significantly further embolden the right-wing parties in France, Germany and throughout Europe. And this is, I am sad to say, a good thing. That is, as long as it remains contained to rejecting Islamic influences, stopping immigration from Islamic states and renewing European national cultures that have become unceremoniously dethroned, not only by the infiltration of Islamic culture, the states acquiescence for the observance of the Sharia laws of the Ummah above national law but at the core of it all, the insidious, debilitating disease of the liberal state- cultural relativism.

Participants hold up their mobile phones during a demonstration called by anti-immigration group PEGIDA in DresdenThe press in the US and throughout most of the “free” world has been downplaying the resurgence of the right in European national politics. Though NATO, the “west” and particularly the American hidden state controlling the neo-Nazi, paramilitary forces of the Ukraine seem more than willing to rely on right-wing mercenaries when it suits their purposes, the uncontrolled nationalist emotions of the people whom they have been herding, like dumb sheep to the slaughter, into a state of lobotomized globalist trans-nationalism and cultural death represents their greatest fears. Best to downplay it, hide it and try and hope it goes away. It will not do so.

The battle has already begun, politely at first with the gentlemanly rejection of the destruction of the nation state with the likes of Charles Ferage and UKIP in the UK, a little less so with Jean-Marie Le Pen’s National Pasty in France and others of their ilk, but the rage is starting to boil. The idea that any party or individual politician be labeled with the racist tagline is still considered a death dealing blow to party and career, however, this will inevitably change. If it does not, the unique and glorious cultures of Europe will become nothing but quaint memories in films and postcards. The cry of the muezzin will be heard above the din of church bells and the sounds of each nations voices in the mother tongues that defined them.  

The failure of the transnationalist State to protect, the failure of the State to provide for an environment conducive to sustained economic vibrancy or for financial security,  beyond their already too generous welfare transfer payments, is rapidly eroding the legitimacy of the trans-European, market-state beyond redemption. The experiment will fail and their will be an eruption in violence in Europe that has not been seen in many decades. All cultures are not equal. Nor is morality and ethics relative. Some nations histories and contributions to “civilizations” cultural, intellectual and philosophical achievements are greater than others and bringing them down to the lowest common denominator in order to fulfill the absurdist, unnatural belief systems of the progressive, fascist and tyrannical elites of Europe and America is doomed to fail. Unfortunately, it will not do so quietly. It will not do so without revolutions.

YouGovEPGraphics2-02The European Union and the massive bureaucracies in Brussels that rule it will disintegrate over the coming years, as it should. For the power and wealth of a few to set a course destined only to expand their prospects all for the greater efficiency of the consumerist, crony American finance capitalist regimes on the backs, not only of the people of each nation, but on several thousand years of cultural heritage and achievement, must not be allowed. Let us pray that the justified anti-Islamist anger can be restrained without spilling into the other racist forms of the past. The nations of Europe deserve to have their countries back, regardless of the economic consequences. 

The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo had no qualms about lampooning Islam. Why should it? In a free and liberally-inclined country like France it routinely took the mickey out of politicians and creeds whatever their source. But the editors knew they were running a risk by sending up Islam because militants will simply not accept that their religion be traduced in any way – and are prepared to kill or threaten to make their point.

Salman Rushdie discovered this more than 20 years ago after the publication of Satanic Verses brought a fatwa upon his head from Iran and forced him into hiding for years. Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard found out in 2005 when he was asked by his newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, to draw the prophet Muhammad “as you see him”. The resulting cartoon was deemed blasphemous by hard-line Muslims around the world and provoked death threats. Ten Years ago, Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh, who made a controversial film about Islamic culture, was stabbed and shot dead in Amsterdam for insulting the Prophet.

Staff at Charlie Hebdo had already tasted this murderous backlash three years ago when their offices were firebombed when the magazine reprinted the Danish cartoons and named Mohammed editor-in-chief for a week’s edition. It also published a “halal” comic book on the life of the Prophet. To most Western sensibilities all of these publications were the warp and weft of what it means to live in a free country. Even if Christians or Jews object to their religions being satirised, they put up with it. But militant Islamists were not prepared to do so. Two gunmen in Paris have now exacted bloody vengeance in an act of violence that will send shock waves around Europe.

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