Cicada 3301 and Tengri 137–Something Big Is Going To Happen, Soon. MUST WATCH FASCINATING VIDEOS

Can the world truly have turned so irrational and insane without some agent outside of our normal perceptions catalysing the depths of the chaos breaking upon us everywhere? Perhaps. However, given the limitations of our current limitations in perception and understanding, perhaps not. 

There are a number of sites that deal with these fascinating encrypted messages from Cicada and Tengri, however, I think the YouTube site The Outer Dark has the most concise and well presented thoughts. This is fascinating stuff and very much worth watching through to the end. There is much here that is very difficult to explain as anything remotely within the capabilities of chance, coincidence or even a super intelligent human with a very powerful computer.  With the explosion of evil around the world and with the corruption and depravity of Washington increasingly breaking through a thinning veneer of normality and acceptable behaviors, I have come to the conclusion that there is something else at work here than simply the effects of the corruptive influences of power, no matter how absolute that power may appear to those that wield it.  Whether it be satanic, multi-dimensional interference, aliens of David Icke’s shape shifting reptiles, all I know is that we mere mortals have not come close to understanding the truths of our universes reality, not even remotely so. All I  do know and viscerally feel, is that we are very close to something very important and world shattering occurring.

From a world war to a coup that destroys this nation or some other more ethereal revelation, I sense that our world is about to change in a very dramatic and likely unsettling fashion. These videos are a must watch for anyone with even a smidgen of curiosity left. At the very least they provide a fascinating journey, and may, provide pieces to a puzzle that is very likely to be completed in the not too distant future. 


-Is the world real or is it just an illusion or hallucination