Clean Out The FBI & CIA: Comey, Andrew McCabe & CIA–Now Before It Is Too Late. Prevent The Civil War.

There is not much time left before the progressive fascist left and the criminal Satanic pedophiles that not only riddle the Washington establishment, but also many of the power elites across the nation. Obama and his clique are the real terrorists and the enemies of the people of America. There is only one way, only one, in which the brewing civil war in this nation can be quelled; prosecute the corrupt on both sides of aisle NOW. The truth may rip the nation apart and disgust even the most adamant deniers with the reality that their idols are evil beyond imagination. That is, of course, that the MK-Ultra, PsyOP, brainwashed left still has even a modicum of free will left. This is the time to bring the full force of the righteous, the patriots, Christians and all those disgusted with what this nation has become. Now or never. Slavery or Freedom and the future of America and the world.

I have always thought that it was more than possible, in fact rather likely, that the CIA was behind many of the cyberwar attacks that have been blamed on outside and foreign governments intent on harming the country. Everything that happens within the government inner circles and those of the super elites that does not come down to three goals, and only three goals, the accretion of power, wealth and control.

The CIA and many in the Surveillance State have achieved all three of these goals many fold over the past 70 years and they will not relinquish any of it without a war on all of us. There is however, an overarching evil that unites these psychopaths with cords of depravity,  pedophilia, treason and murder. Power and control can be regained, if ideology and ego were all that this battle was over, however, it is not remotely about ideology. It is about keeping their crimes away from the cleansing light of truth, faith, and the good that still resides in most of us. 

“Today, March 31st 2017, WikiLeaks releases Vault 7 “Marble” — 676 source code files for the CIA’s secret anti-forensic Marble Framework. Marble is used to hamper forensic investigators and anti-virus companies from attributing viruses, trojans and hacking attacks to the CIA.”

WikiLeaks Reveals Marble Proof CIA Disguises Their Hacks As Russian Chinese Arabic

This is excellent and should be watched–nails it. WAKE UP AMERICA!!

Please watch.