Cli-Fi? Authors Indoctrinating Kids on Climate Change –We Will Be Assimilated!

Intelligence is not all that important in the exercise of power, and is often, in point of fact, useless. – HENRY KISSINGER

Men will not cease to be dishonest, merely because their dishonesties have been revealed or because they have discovered their own deceptions. Wherever men hold unequal power in society, they will strive to maintain it. They will use whatever means are most convenient to that end and will seek to justify them by the most plausible arguments they are able to devise.

==Reinhold Niebuhr: Major Works on Religion and Politics:

Anthony Oettinger, chairman of the Harvard Program on Information Resources Policy and a member of the prestigious Council on Foreign Relations. He told an audience of telecom executives in 1982: Our idea of literacy, I am afraid, is obsolete because it rests on a frozen and classical definition… The present “traditional” concept of literacy has to do with the ability to read and write. But the real question that confronts us today is: How do we help citizens function well in their society? How can they acquire the skills necessary to solve their problems? Do we, for example, really want to teach people to do a lot of sums or write in “a fine round hand” when they have a five-dollar hand-held calculator or a word processor to work with? Or, do we really have to have everybody literate – writing and reading in the traditional sense – when we have the means in our technology to achieve a new flowering of oral communication? What is speech recognition and speech synthesis all about if it does not lead to ways of reducing the burden on the individual of the imposed notions of literacy that were a product of nineteenth century economics and technology?

The progressives were in favor of this new approach to primary reading because it fitted in nicely with their philosophy of education. They strongly agreed with Dewey, whose aim it was to change the focus of education from the development of individual intellectual skills to the development of cooperative social skills. Socialism’s objective had been from the very beginning to remake man from the competitive individual of a capitalist society to a cooperative being in a collectivist state

==Crimes of the Educators (Blumenfeld, Samuel)

‘Social Norms and Global Environmental Challenges’–The ‘paper’ was straight from the pages of Agenda 21 with the usual justification of saving the planet from the alleged horrors of climate change: Substantial numbers of people will have to alter their existing behaviors to address this new class of global environmental problems. Alternative approaches are needed when education and persuasion alone are insufficient. Policy instruments such as penalties, regulations, and incentives may therefore be required to achieve significant behavior modification.

==The Perception Deception – Part Two (Icke, David)

ecotoonEnvironmentalism is the new transnational religion. It is being successfully brainwashed into the children of the world at an insurmountable rate and in another generation or perhaps less, this religion will be immune to facts and truth–it will be a religion of faith whose apostasy will be not just be loudly condemned, as it is now, by those who control the megaphones of State and the distribution points of propaganda, but literally lead to prison or worse.

The global power elites have seemingly induced the Vatican into the cabal of this geopolitical and socially transformative global religion, either duplicitously or with Rome always a part of the elites agenda, matters only modestly at this point. Despite the clear majority of the planets people still being doubtful of the perpetually absurd stories  of the coming Apocalypse, the entire imposing edifice of the transnational elites global mechanisms of governance are moving to force, through all means available, the agenda that few but they seek implemented.

For power and control this religion has been birthed, not unlike most before it. The difference this time is that the pervasiveness and ubiquitous impenetrability of the architecture of domestic and global propaganda, the pliability of the intentionally dumbed down masses and the totally State dependent self-deceiving scientific community as the voice of reason and truth makes the speed of the propagation of the environmentalist creed almost unstoppable.

Like all religions it will destroy millions who it’s priests deem to have stepped in its way.  Just another tool for the imposition of the coming world fascist tyranny.

“I like writing for children because their minds are still forming,” said David Thorpe, the author of a novel called Stormteller, a story in which Wales is destroyed by the effects of global warming. “They are asking all sorts of questions about how the world is working. Their minds haven’t been tainted by ideological bias, they are still open minded about it.”Their minds haven’t been tainted by ideological bias…so what better time to get in there and start the process! Thorpe goes on to say that these books give him a chance to buck the status quo. “You can try to be seriously subversive and try to infect their minds with these viral ideas that they can explore on their own to make it exciting. When I was that age I loved having my mind boggled.”

LRonGoreSaci Lloyd, author of The Carbon Diaries, agreed with Thorpe’s view. Lloyd insisted that it was essential to keep the stories engaging enough so that kids wouldn’t notice that they were actually learning about the devastating effects of climate change. These authors, along with the rest of the left, aren’t even slightly concerned with whether or not they are right about climate change. They only want to win at this point. This debate left the rails a long time ago. The left has finally found the secret key to the kingdom, and they are going to exploit it for all it is worth. After years of accusing Republicans are playing the fear card to win elections, they have turned into the biggest Chicken Littles of all. They are literally warning against the end of the world. And their solutions just happen to fit perfectly with their usual pro-government agenda. What are the odds…

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The Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) enjoys such a red-carpet ride into schools I am surprised principals haven’t just handed their classroom keys to AYCC operatives and gone home. AYCC in schools promotes its green message of “moving on” from coal and gas to “100% renewable energy” before 2024. Australian coal and gas exports currently are worth $40 billion and $30 billion respectively, and will be an engine of growth in the coming half decade, the AYCC’s worst efforts notwithstanding.[1] School

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Source: Those Climate Cult Kiddies: Part II | No B-S here (I hope)

The UN plans to launch a brand new plan for managing the entire globe at the Sustainable Development Summit that it will be hosting from September 25th to September 27th.  Some of the biggest names on the planet, including Pope Francis, will be speaking at this summit.  This new sustainable agenda focuses on climate change […]

This one scary video from down-under

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Source: In September, The UN Launches A Major Sustainable Development Agenda For The Entire Planet