Clinton Shills Need to be Cleaned out of Mainstream Media | Observer

The media bears responsibility for Clinton’s loss in the general election—they helped rig the primaries against Sanders.

zra4yiDemocratic pundits and shamelessly partisan journalists in the mainstream media have predictably reacted to Hillary Clinton’s embarrassing defeat to Donald Trump by blaming everyone but Hillary Clinton. But Clinton’s implosion signals their own demise and they need to purge Clinton shills out of the mainstream media.

It was obvious to anyone paying attention this election that the media heavily favored Clinton’s campaign. The WikiLeaks emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Clinton campaign chair John Podesta provided further insight into the extent the media coordinated with the Clinton campaign to manufacture consent for her candidacy.

There is no personal responsibility in the mainstream media, but the blame for Clinton’s loss to Trump should be placed just as equally with the Clinton campaign as with the Democratic Party establishment, who rigged the primaries for the candidate their corporate donors most preferred.

In a 2014 segment, CNN’s Chris Cuomo said, with regard to Clinton and the speculation as to when she would announce her campaign, “we couldn’t help any more than we have. She’s got just a free ride from the media, we’re the biggest ones promoting her campaign.” The extent of that promotion was highly unethical, as revealed by WikiLeaks and several investigative journalist reports. CNN severed ties with DNC interim chair Donna Brazile because she forwarded CNN debate questions to the Clinton campaign—yet the network has not explained how she obtained them.

CNN also frequently had pundits praise Clinton on air without disclosing their financial ties to her campaign. The Intercept reported in May 2016 that an Op-Ed published by CNN under Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed’s name was actually written and sent to the network by a Clinton Super PAC. CNN was dubbed by Bernie Sanders supporters as the “Clinton News Network“ for its overt bias, as the network’s correspondents either disproportionately denigrated the Sanders campaign, or completely refused to cover it.


Source: Clinton Shills Need to be Cleaned out of Mainstream Media | Observer