Clinton Takes a Meeting With Obama, but It’s All Very Hush-Hush

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Clinton Takes a Meeting With Obama, but It’s All Very Hush-Hush

President Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton met privately in the Oval Office for about an hour on Wednesday, and neither the White House nor the former secretary of state would offer a glimmer of detail about what went on.

The White House othello_Obama_Hillaryeven omitted it from Mr. Obama’s public schedule, and the meeting went unmentioned until an official anonymously put out word about it Wednesday evening, describing the event in familiarly bland terms.

The two met “to catch up and enjoy an informal discussion on a wide range of issues,” sahillary-rodha-clinton-and-obama-combined-picid the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

It was similar to the language used by the White House the last time Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton met one-on-one, over a lunch in May. Officials kept that meeting secret until People magazine posted about it on Twitter.

On Wednesday, Mrs. Clinton’s aides said they would “defer” to the White House for any elaboration. Officials there would only say it was a “general check-in” before the president’s sit-down with Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the incoming majority leader.

That meeting, at least, did appear on the president’s official schedule.

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