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Empire_MontageSuch an institutionalized authority has now become transnationalized and incarnated in the “Western state,” which refers to the major capitalist nation-states of the West and the “worldwide web of authoritative relations” that the Western state has spun. Cast in the light of TNS (transnational state) theory, we can observe that the U.S.-led TNS attempts to achieve a Weberian legitimate exercise of state violence at the global level, for example, through UN Security Council resolutions sanctioning “peacekeeping” or “humanitarian” occupations, “no fly-zones,” bombing campaigns, and so on, as those in Serbia, Haiti, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia.

-Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity (Robinson, William I.)

“Colin Powell made me do it”, or so says presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton in her latest defense of an illegal US State Department email fiasco. Isn’t it amazing how Clinton’s every dishonest, extreme, or slipshod move is excused in such a way? If news the Clintons took cash bribes from child sex pornographers, CNN would dig into blaming somebody else. America has gone mad ladies and gentlemen, and it’s about to get even more zany. What if Election 2016 is one great big con game?

We are Doomed - KranthiClinton is 80% sure of being elected. Her administration will differ from Barack Obama’s in one distinctive and horrendous way. By electing a known perjurer and opportunist, a woman WikiLeaks and other sources have revealed as the vilest politician in decades, the American people will have “rubber stamped” the complete takeover of America by the corporate. It is crucial that people understand this simple truth. Wall Street, the London and Luxembourg bankers, the Frankfurt industrialists test the waters of profit daily. Bill Clinton and Yugoslavia was a passed test, so NATO moved onward. Iraq and WOMD was another positive, so the militarists moved on. Georgia, Arab Spring, and Ukraine failed to end in Washington uprising, and here we are. America is using up its last resources like a runaway freight train. Global warming nor nuclear meltdown matter to a people so absorbed by themselves.

Electing psychotic opportunists is a clear choice, when lazy human beings just want a simple celebrity choice. There are only two possibilities after this election. Another world war, or America struck down like a third world regime, torn to bits after some economic cataclysm.

Clinton or Trump, maybe this was the ultimate goal after all – the end of America as we once knew it.

-Clinton or Trump This May Be the Beginning of the End

Jus ad bellum- Humanitarian Wars–Wars for Profit and Empire

The transformation of the Democratic Party from the relative “peace party” to a belligerent “war party” occurred during Bill Clinton’s presidency and is likely to resume if Hillary Clinton is elected, writes James W Carden.

By James W Carden

The current debate over the future of U.S. foreign policy is largely over whether the U.S. should continue its self-anointed role as the policeman of the world, or whether it might be wise for the next administration to put, in the words of Donald J. Trump, “America First.”

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton has repeatedly called for a more active U.S. foreign policy. The 2016 election is shaping up to be, among other things, a battle between the inarticulate isolationism of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s liberal interventionism. Hers is an approach which came into vogue during the administration of her husband.

A Clinton Family Value Humanitarian War