Clintonian Comrades, Crooks, Criminals and Convicts

For existential mathematics, which does not exist: the value of coincidence equals the value of its improbability.  –Milan Kundera.

Clintonian Comrades, Crooks, Criminals and Convicts

by Michael Stanford Long

Coincidence is a delicious word and the subject of all sorts of literary treatment. Any international spy thriller will usually have a go at its meaning: “once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is enemy action.” said the late Ian Fleming. “Goldfinger” 1959.

Hillary-NixonMrs. Bill Clinton really should take note of what an old spy once said: “There is no such thing as a coincidence.” Hillary could very possibly be answering questions about the millions of dollars she and Buba accumulated based upon of all things, “a coincidence.” For example: It was just a coincidence that the millions of dollars donated by individuals and institutions from India coincided with Hillary’s prestige (alleged), and vote concerning the removal of nuclear technology sanctions against India. Cynics, (or pragmatists) noted that immediately after the passage of the Bill granting removal, all contributions by Indian donors came to an abrupt halt. Just another coincidence.

In 1970 the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty was signed to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons. The Clinton’s strongly backed this treaty. In 1998 India exploded their first nuclear device and as firm proponents of the treaty, the Clinton’s were livid. Please note that India did not sign the treaty for obvious reasons–Bully neighbors, China and Pakistan. India however, was now being precluded from receiving nuclear technology through U.S. sanctions. The Indian Government then commenced a large scale lobbying campaign to reverse the sanctions and many loyal Indian residence of the U.S. coincidentally began donating to the Clinton campaigns and once Buba became unemployed, the Clinton Foundation.

UWG0lxXSant Singh Chatwal is a prominent millionaire having made his fortune in N.Y. hotels and restaurants. Sant, although a US citizen, was very loyal to his native India and a firm believer in obtaining relief from the nuclear sanctions. Coincidently, Sant was a huge financial backer of all the Clinton endeavors, and was rewarded with a truseeship on the foundation. One of Sant’s playboy sons, (The Turban Cowboy) Vikram, was also active in raising funds for the Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s campaign. Sant, being very well-known in the Indian community, also made many introductions of wealthy Indians to the Clinton’s. Coincidently, all introductions were made to like-minded donors, all of whom wanted the sanctions abolished.

One donor and fund-raiser introduced to Buba was an obscure member of the Indian Parliament, Amar Singh. Mr. Singh although not enormously wealthy was known to be well connected to very large serious pools of money in India. He and Buba became fast pals. Mr. Singh raised very significant amounts of money for the Clinton’s and particularly the Foundation. (Amar donated 1 – 5 million personally to the foundation). This was quite gratifying since Mr. Singh listed his assets, for parliamentary purposes, as no more than 5 million dollars. What a guy, he entrusted Buba with 20% of his total assets. Mr. Singh must have loved the good works being accomplished (?) in Haiti.

Knowledgeable political observers could tell the sanctions vote was quickly approaching. Hillary was rather quiet. Yet coincidently, Sant Chatwal set up a speaking engagement for Buba in London. The fee was a record $450,000. What a speech! What a Fee! What a coincidence! And surprise, surprise, Hillary it was now rumored, was uttering positive remarks about repeal!

Any kid in the 3rd grade could predict the outcome. Hillary changed her stance of many years and voted to lift sanctions.  India was happy. The Clinton trough was bountiful, (only for the time being, Gordon Gekko would be proud of this greedy pair) and coincidently, all donations from the Clinton’s Indian pals dried up.

What happened to the members of the Clinton Indian money machine?

Amar Singh was arrested by the Indian government and sent to that famously notorious prison, Tihar.  He somehow beat the corruption and bribery charges and fled into obscurity.

The Turban Cowboy, Vikram Chatwal was arrested in Ft. Lauderdale on drug charges. After spending a full year in rehab in NY, he finally had the charges dropped. Not bad since he was facing 20 years of hard time.

hillary-clinton-money-showerSant Chatwal was chased by the IRS for $30 million in unpaid taxes. Settlement unknown. In 1997 the FDIC sued Sant for not repaying a reportedly $12-million-dollar loan to the failed First NY Bank for Business.  While Buba was protecting our country from the White House, FDIC finally accepted a settlement of $125,000. Not Another Coincidence! Sant has also been bankrupt and has severe legal problems with his native India.

The Clinton’s hang around with some classy folks. Just goes to show what a rube from Arkansas can do when the “law” is on his side. The three Indian donors are not the only shady spivs the Clinton’s targeted for donor duty. 

We shall in future look at some of the 40 odd criminals, crooks and convicts.