Clinton’s Massive Treason Against America & Americans–Inter Them Both

It is not just the clear fraud and the reek of corruption surrounding the Clintons and their faux “Robin Hood” generosity and such extraordinary social empathy, but there is likely an even more insidious aspect to the hidden iceberg that is this disgusting criminal scandal and that will become apparent when all of the money trail is compiled. How many officials in our government, past and present, and how many leading lights in the mainstream media have been induced by the foundation’s generosity to not just look the other way over its blatant treasons and self-dealings?

The Clinton Foundation is a cancer that metastasized from the day it was born and has spread its corruption deep into every corner of the American progressive fascist elites inner sanctums. Again, however, I must ask, who out there can possibly believe that these elites, across a wide spectrum of American power and wealth, will ever, ever allow the American people to come close to curing this nation of this cancer? It will not happen, at least not without an overwhelming outpouring of the people’s anger. Do we have the willpower to execute a general strike to hurt them where it counts, at least to try this before more violent actions may be required?

We have forces arrayed against us that control not only the full coercive force of the American police state, but the major propaganda and indoctrination avenues as well. One does not have to get to deep into the other possibilities that are likely very real, from an all encompassing global war to chemical poisons sprayed upon us all through chemtrails and now Zika eradication, to a whole host of esoteric technologies that may be being used even now to undermine the people’s revolution, here in America and throughout the West, to understand the extraordinary array of the establishment elites powers to suppress, inter or kill any who stand in their way. Freedom and liberty is a cause worth dying for.

Wake Up America.

“Clinton Foundation Is Charity Fraud Of Epic Proportions”, Analyst Charges In Stunning Takedown | Zero Hedge

Four months ago, Ortel began releasing his preliminary findings in the first of a series of up to 40 planned reports on his website. His allegation was simple: “this is a charity fraud.”

To learn more about the Clinton Foundation, Ortel decided to “take it apart and see how it worked” and he has been doing that ever since February 2015. “I decided, as I did with GE, let’s pick one that’s complicated,” said Ortel. “The Clinton Foundation is complicated, but it’s really very small compared to GE.”When Ortel tried to match up the Clinton Foundation’s tax filings with the disclosure reports from its major donors, he said he started to find problems.

That includes records from the foundation’s many offshoots—including the Clinton Health Access Initiative and the Clinton Global Initiative—as well as its foreign subsidiaries.”I decided it would be fun to cross-check what their donors thought they did when they donated to the Clinton Foundation, and that’s when I got really irritated,” he said. “There are massive discrepancies between what some of the major donors say they gave to the Clinton Foundation to do, and what the Clinton Foundation said what they got from the donors and what they did with it.”

As previously reported, last year the Clinton Foundation was forced to issue corrected tax filings for several years to correct donation errors. But Ortel said many of the discrepancies remain. “I’m against charity fraud. I think people in both parties are against charity fraud, and this is a charity fraud,” he said.To be sure, Ortel’s efforts were to be commended: digging through the foundation’s numbers can not have been easy, considering that the nation’s most influential charity watchdog put the Clinton Foundation on its “watch list” of problematic nonprofits in 2015.

Furthermore, the Clinton family’s mega-charity took in more than $140 million in grants and pledges in 2013 but spent just $9 million on direct aid. That’s because the organization spent the vast bulk of its windfall on “administration, travel, salaries and bonuses”, with the fattest payouts going to family friends.“It seems like the Clinton Foundation operates as a slush fund for the Clintons,” said Bill Allison, a senior fellow at the Sunlight Foundation, a government watchdog group where progressive Democrat and Fordham Law professor Zephyr Teachout was once an organizing director.





  Source: “Clinton Foundation Is Charity Fraud Of Epic Proportions”, Analyst Charges In Stunning Takedown | Zero Hedge