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We have given up our freedoms for what? A government that cannot or that is seemingly unwilling to protect its own national sovereignty by protecting its borders, one whose administrative failings have become endemic and risks the total systemic failure of all of its assumed obligations, and a government whose very intentions themselves have become totally suspect by the people from whom it has ultimately received its authority, is a government that must be ended.

The fuel has been placed, the match it still yet not lit. That match will be the one final missing ingredient, a system wide economic failure. A massive economic and financial failure is now absolutely inevitable, despite the astoundingly insane levitation of financial markets by the black hatted magicians behind the desks of the central banks and the frenetic actions of a small cadre of uber-wealthy and their money managers playing a game of chasing their own tails in the Möbius strip of wealth creation. It is a game which has no real effect on the world around them, it is a game whose end is tragedy.

The clock is ticking. How much longer can the American people remain so mind numbingly docile? In a time of collapse, the totally unexpected becomes the norm. Prepare for it, for nothing, nothing is sacred anymore. 

humansoulonfireWashington (CNN) – Four decades after President Richard Nixon resigned, a slight majority of Americans still consider Watergate a very serious matter, a new national survey shows. But how serious depends on when you were born.

The CNN/ORC International poll’s release comes one day before the 40th anniversary of Nixon’s resignation on August 9, 1974. With the Watergate scandal escalating, the second-term Republican president had lost much of his political backing, and he faced almost certain impeachment and the prospects of being removed from office by a Democratic-dominated House and Senate.

There’s a big generational divide over the significance of the scandal, with a majority of those older than 40 describing Watergate as a very serious problem and those under 40 saying it was just politics.

The poll also indicates that the public’s trust in government is at an all-time low.

Just 13% of Americans say the government can be trusted to do what is right always or most of the time, with just over three-quarters saying only some of the time and one in 10 saying they never trust the government, according to the poll.

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