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The Best Thing About the EU is J.C. Juncker’s Alcoholism We recently discussed the post-Brexit landscape with a friend (in fact, our editor), who bemoaned that “the EU is led by a drunkard.

The Course is Set – Sensible Economic Calculation is on the Retreat

The course of much of Western civilization is set, and it is an inescapable one. As Ludwig von Mises stressed, a “third way” system  halfway between free market capitalism and socialism is not viable. There simply is no such thing. In his words:

Contrary to a popular fallacy there is no middle way, no third system possible as a pattern of a permanent social order. The citizens must choose between capitalism and socialism.”

third-way-300x241Naturally, a “third way” system can be set up – after all, it is what we have in place today. The decisive point is that it cannot hope to be a permanent social order. Over time, such a system will inexorably drift toward socialism, as the “fiction of government” as Bastiat called it, the idea that everybody can live at the expense of everybody else, is as highly popular as it is impossible to finance.

Not only that, but there is a widespread conceit among the leftist intellectual elite that it is actually possible to “plan” the economy and society.  These are people who cannot even imagine that no-one needs them and that the world would be better off, if only they were leaving it alone. They won’t easily give up, something that is amply demonstrated by the reaction to the recent “Brexit” vote (more on the disgraceful post-Brexit yammering in a follow up post).

Alas, once a society has adopted a critical mass of socialistic features, civilization as we know it simply collapses. This may look like a comment informed by ideology, but it really isn’t. It is also not really necessary to study the umpteenth historical example in the form of Venezuela’s downward spiral. The downfall of the country is not a matter of Venezuela’s socialists “not implementing socialism correctly”.

The Coming End of the Third Way System

Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth

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