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As I have said before, this odious, obnoxious narcissistic and extraordinarily annoying puppet of the globalists seeking to destroy this nation could have America take a five hundred pound rotting tuna and smack him in the face, yet smile while wiping the decaying flesh off and say “thank you America, I appreciate the bouquet of roses, but I already know how much you love me! How could you not for I am a god.” It’s somewhat sad in a way, for as his failures, treason and so many lies start to find their way into the consciousness of the American people and the history books, this civilization destroying mistake of a President will go to his grave without any doubts in his superiority to we mere mortals, even to those in the heavens as well.

‘We have not had the kinds of scandals that have plagued other administrations’

As President Obama prepares to wrap up his time in office, he’s recently taken to saying he’s “extremely proud” to leave office without any scandals besmirching his tenure. His political adviser, Valerie Jarrett, said the same earlier this week.

“The president prides himself on the fact that his administration hasn’t had a scandal,” Jarrett told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria matter-of-factly.

As ObamaCare now appears destined for the ash heap of history, the Obama Administration is clearly thinking about its legacy. And that likely explains the new talking point about Obama’s supposedly squeaky clean presidency.

What’s the reality?

As the news comes at us so quickly these days, it’s admittedly hard to keep track of everything that’s happened over the last eight years. The administration seems to recognize this. Whenever a scandal erupts, the strategy is delay, obfuscate, and punt until the matter fades into the slipstream of yesterday’s news. As Obama’s approval rating inched up toward the end of his time in office, his approach seems to be paying off.

To help refresh everyone’s memory, Grabien is now publishing what we think is the most exhaustively researched, chronologically comprehensive collection of every scandal that struck the Obama Administration.

As of this publication — which we plan to continue updating — the tally stands at: 633.

What’s our standard for inclusion? First, think back to America’s more innocent days, where scandals didn’t seem to come in such rapid-fire succession. The infamous Teapot Dome scandal — which rocked America for an entire decade — came about after an oil tycoon gave some cattle, and a loan, to the secretary of the Interior and was soon thereafter granted drilling rights on a Wyoming oil field. As you’ll see below, scandals of at least this magnitude have become an almost every-day occurrence.

Another way to look at it: If any of the below-listed stories were to have occurred when George Bush were president, would the major media treat them as scandalous? Recall the precedent: The biggest scandal per the major media at the time came when Pentagon staffer Richard Armitage leaked accurate information to the late columnist Robert Novak. If we view the stories below outside a partisan lens, they’ll certainly surpass that level of scandal.

Each item in this report includes a source as well as a link to a third-party news site containing more information.

And even as we tried to be as comprehensive as possible, the federal government is massive and it’s impossible to catch everything. If you’re aware of a scandal we missed, write us at tips@grabien.com (and include a link for a corresponding news account). We’ll continue updating this list in the days ahead.

Note: To sort by date, click the top of the date column. To sort by agency, click the top of the agency.

633 scandals that we know of and counting!!

-Exclusive A Complete Guide to the 633 Scandals of the Obama Administration Grabien News

Source: Exclusive: A Complete Guide to the 633 Scandals of the Obama Administration :: Grabien News