Continuous 1,400 years of Muslim wars and aggression is blamed on ‘Islamophobic networks’ | The Muslim Issue

The superorganism is often a vile and loathsome beast. But like the body nourishing her constituent cells, the social beast grants us life. Without her, each of us would perish. That knowledge is woven into our biology. It is the reason that the rigidly individualistic Clint Eastwood does not exist. The internal self-destruct devices with which we come equipped at birth ensure that we will live as components of a larger organism, or we simply will not live at all.

Behind the writhing of evil is a competition between organizational devices, each trying to harness the universe to its own peculiar pattern, each attempting to hoist the cosmos one step higher on a ladder of increasing complexity. First, there is the molecular replicator, the gene; then, there is its successor, the meme; and working hand in hand with each is the social beast. Hegel said the ultimate tragedy is not the struggle of an easily recognized good against a clearly loathsome evil. Tragedy, he said, is the battle between two forces, both of which are good, a battle in which only one can win. Nature has woven that struggle into the superorganism. Superorganism, ideas, and the pecking order—these are the primary forces behind much of human creativity and earthly good. They are the holy trinity of the Lucifer Principle.

 ==The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition into the Forces of History (Bloom, Howard)

The left wingers are on a roll with their distortion campaigns. Opposing Islamic fascism is hate. You are suppose to embrace it, not oppose it. Embrace honor killing of young children and women. Embrace brutal murder of gays. Embrace assault and even murder of women as the husband’s legal entitlement. Embrace Sharia courts that give no legal entitlements for non-Muslims to exist without paying blood-money to keep themselves alive. You must embrace all of this, at least according to this report by the Center for American Progress. By all means, never oppose the complete evil and savagery created under Islam or you could be branded a hater.

Hate sentiments have nothing to do with “Islamophobic networks” – 99% of which make no money whatsoever and spend their own funds and time on their cause to educate the public what Islam truly represents. Interesting to see that we have the most brutal slaughters of non-Muslims ever documented since the invasions of the Caliphates, but the Center for American Progress don’t appear to consider them hate crimes.

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