Come on America, how can anyone with one sane breath left in their lobotomized indoctrinated liberal skulls still believe that this evil beast is not beyond all redemption and a disgusting testament to how far this nation has fallen into the abyss of criminality and mind control. JAIL HER!!!!

Hillary Clinton told FBI agents that she could not recall issues related to her email server at least 26 times, according to an 11-page document released by the FBI on Friday. Clinton’s memory lapses are frequent during the interview, marked often by agents as “could not recall” and “did not remember.” But the “could not recall” remarks are often related not to long-distant emails, but things she should perhaps definitely recall. At least 26 times, Clinton couldn’t recall issues raised by the FBI. Clinton told FBI agents she couldn’t even remember any briefing or training by State “related to the retention of federal records or handling of classified information.” And Clinton told the FBI she could not recall any briefing after her December 2012 fall that left her with a concussion, an admission that will surely stoke concerns about Clinton’s health and physical fitness to serve in the job of president. Most surprisingly perhaps: Clinton said she “did not recall

In Wasserman Schultz Case, Obama and Clinton Seem to Wink at the Law

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: September 1, 2016 President Obama Lunches With Hillary Clinton, July 29, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kenned

President Obama holds the highest office in the United States. He has a law degree from Harvard Law and was a former editor of the Harvard Law Review. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton holds a law degree from Yale University. Despite the legal background of the President and former Secretary of State, both seem to be winking at the serious legal issues surrounding the former Democratic National Committee Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Wasserman Schultz has been sued along with the DNC in the Federal District Court of South Florida, where the lead plaintiff, Carol Wilding, resides. The lawsuit is on behalf of Senator Bernie Sanders’ supporters and alleges fraud, negligent misrepresentation, deceptive conduct, unjust enrichment, breach of fiduciary duty, and negligence. There are already more than 100 named plaintiffs and the court was told in the amended complaint that an additional 1,000 have signed retainer agreements to serve as class representatives.

There appears to be little question that the fiduciary role that Wasserman Schultz was assigned under the Charter of the DNC was not met and that key staff working under Wasserman Schultz engaged in a full scale conspiracy to undermine the Presidential campaign of Sanders. Emails leaked by Wikileaks in July show Wasserman Schultz referring to Sanders’ campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, as “an ass,” “particularly scummy” and a “damn liar” as her staff conspired in emails to characterize Sanders as an atheist and his campaign a “mess.” (Sanders has said he is not an atheist.) As this plotting was taking place, the DNC had set up a joint fundraising account with Hillary Clinton which was raising millions of dollars and effectively functioning as if Clinton had no primary challenger.

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Hillary Didn’t Know Big ‘C’ In Emails Meant ‘Classified’ | The Daily Caller

Thought it was used to place paragraphs in ‘alphabetical order’

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton didn’t know that a standalone capital “C” in her emails was used to mark classified information, recently released FBI documents reveal. Instead, she apparently speculated the “C” was just used for alphabetizing documents.

The revelation comes in the FBI’s notes concerning its July 2 interview with Clinton at the FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C. During the interview, Clinton was repeatedly questioned about individual emails, including one that she had sent from her server that included classified information, and had been marked as such.

    Source: Hillary Didn’t Know Big ‘C’ In Emails Meant ‘Classified’ | The Daily Caller

THEY KNEW: Leaked Pelosi docs admit Obama, Clinton lied about Benghazi – The American Mirror

Documents from Nancy Pelosi’s computer were leaked by the Romanian hacker “Guccifer 2.0,” including a memo showing that the House Minority Leader knew the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton lied to the American people about Benghazi and choose to hide those facts.

The memo states all talking points and background information about the Benghazi attacks and included in a bold font that UN Ambassador Susan Rice’s claims about an internet video were “later proved false.”

In the memo, Democrats also detail that her claim “contradicted some early reports” but they did not mention that Hillary Clinton also promoted that fabricated story about the internet video when she spoke at the transfer of remains ceremony to honor the four Americans killed.

E-mails released by the State Department proved that Clinton knowingly lied to the American public and corresponded with her daughter about the fact that the attacks were linked to a terrorist group.

Clinton later famously defended those remarks claiming “what difference does it make.”

Clearly it made a difference to Nancy Pelosi, who corrected the record in the memo.

Democrats were issued talking points in the memo to respond to the Benghazi attacks, they were basically as follows: call people who question it “conspiracy theorists,” attack Republicans for turning it into a witch hunt against Clinton, and blame the GOP for “voting against funding diplomacy and development.”

At no point in the talking points did they mention the fact that both Clinton and Rice lied to the American public about what caused the attacks.

Image via Guccifer 2.0

Source: THEY KNEW: Leaked Pelosi docs admit Obama, Clinton lied about Benghazi – The American MirrorThe American Mir