Courts rulings make every Democrat voter a SuperVoter™

Great news, comrades! Our court system is doing its due diligence in assuring that every Democrat voter is a SuperVoter™. By striking down voter ID requirements in four states, hopefully setting a trend, Democrat SuperVoters™ can vote early and often.
How do the courts do it? Simple. By invoking the Race Card™, unbiased fair-minded judges are able to satisfy themselves that demanding a voter identify himself (or herself, itself, etc.) is racist. In fact, one justice said that North Carolina’s law clearly showed “racially-discriminatory intent” and that the law would “target African-Americans with almost surgical precision”. And who can argue against that? It’s true that you can apply for free voter identification cards in Wisconsin, North Dakota, North Carolina, and Texas, but that’s not the point. Asking someone who isn’t white to identify themselves is so patently racist, it takes one’s breath away to think that voter ID laws and other Jim Crow legislation still exist in this country.
Being progressive, we’re not saying that minorities are less intelligent or less capable of getting voter IDs than white people. Oh, who do I think I’m fooling? Of course we are. Let’s just put that on the table for all to see. We’re progressives. We have demanded lower standards for minorities for so long because we honestly see them as inferior. You know it, and I know it. We think these laws are racist simply because we assume the inability of a person of minority status to figure out how to get a voter ID without handholding from a compassionate white progressive. There, just admit it and feel better about yourself. After all, assuming minorities are inferior isn’t racism, it’s compassion.
But back to the subject at hand. Let’s hope that what was begun in these four states is only the beginning. If more such laws are struck down over the next month or two, it will be too late to challenge them successfully in higher courts and get the decisions overturned before the election. The newly empowered SuperVoters™ may be able to tip the election in some districts.
Finally, we will see the end of White Privilege™ in this country, and we’ll elect an old white woman in a white pantsuit instead of Trump who is just too dark to be our next president.

Source: Courts rulings make every Democrat voter a SuperVoter™