Crisis Of Democracy-Slavery or Freedom. It Is The Final Battle. Is Hillary Even Alive?

One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.–Carl Sagan

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csffhh8w8aetzawI did not expect Hillary to be dying before our very eyes when I wrote over the last several years about the major chaos that was coming in 2016. However, what seemed inevitable, even two years ago before the election hype really started in earnest, was the increasingly likelihood that there would be no election this November and that the American “experiment” with democracy was about to come to an end, even if, in reality, it had done so many, many years ago. When I started writing about this, I postulated that there was well over a 20% chance that there would be no elections this year, for the first time in the history of Constitutional America. This was considered by most to be a rather outrageous assumption at the time.

Even though that percentage seemed not to be overly dangerously high, I asked the following question: If I told you there was a 20% chance your home would burn down and with it, all of your family history, maybe even that the family pets would perish or worse, what would you do? To my limited brain, it would seem that no matter how much insurance one could garner to compensate for this risk, most would move the hell out of that house, as the risk to life, family and personal history would be too great to bear. That chance has gone now from a 20% possibility two years ago to very, very probable with every passing day.

obama-giving-fingerHillary has been so obviously gravely ill and for some time, yet the obtuse, ideologically lobotomized sycophants to power in the media, as well as the über wealthy progressives in the executive suites of the mainstream corporate media system, whose higher level of status in the hierarchy of the mass deception and the propaganda machinery of the American State, require of them to enforce the dictates and deceptions of the corrupt puppet masters that really rule this nation, have hidden and perverted the truth to hide this fact. They will continue to do so to the bitter end.  

The question should be today, not if Hillary is seriously ill nor whether she is fit for office, for she is patently not. This  should be obvious to anyone who lets their minds perceive reality, a reality that we are being repetitively told is a right-wing generated deception. The question is of far greater import now and over the coming months is simple; what is next, what is their plan?

Do not for one minute believe there is not a very well thought out design here, nor that it has no been mapped out some time ago. It is more than likely that not one member of the true power elite in Washington is unaware of the fact that Hillary Clinton is one diseased, perhaps dying Presidential candidate. What the increasingly frightened elites do next will be critical to this nation and the entire world for generations to come. Whatever is rolled out for the regurgitation of the media and the propaganda machinery, it is an absolute that the reality will have little to do with supporting American democracy and the rights of the American people. Never going to happen. Never. Be assured the political and social gymnastics that are about to erupt around us will serve the interests of only one group of Americans, the ruling power oligarchy of crony capitalists and their administrative political wing in Washington. 

The talking heads scream out at us “do not believe you’re lying eyes!, for we are the purveyors of the truth, a truth we have crammed down the throats of the American people using the most sophisticated system of brainwashing and mind control our psychological war department’s ever dreamed of (they supplied almost every leading newspaper and TV senior editors and top executives following WWII–do you really think this has changed?)

But there is a rising power in the people that one can feel emanating with the energy of every Trump rally, from the increasing vigor and anger of the few honest men and women left in the American Congress and from the internet revolutionists who brave the perils of the war now being fought for the very existence of the American soul with the truth and facts. Truths that are steadily unveiling the ugliest, most corrupt cesspool of treasonous evil ever imagined by the imperial arrogance of the power elites in Washington and around the globe.

false-flagI have warned that although the rise of people power against the corporatist state, a revolt that really began a number of years ago in other lands with the revolt against the corporate evils of Monsanto and the intentional poisoning of the world with their GMO/Roundup, it is now truly beginning to rise to levels that clearly is frightening the American and global power elites. However, despite the sense of rising empowerment of the people against illegitimate State power, there are vast countervailing forces that have accelerated their plans for total domination.

The corruption is so much deeper than all but a few who have studied its depth, extent and generational origins can possibly imagine. If there is a devil, it is his work that is buried deep down the rabbit hole of reality. If there is not, there might as well be, for the evil that is there, the immorality, corruption, sexual deviancies; from pedophilia to child murder to organized rape and rampant homosexuality, would make the devil blush.

1016564-psyop-creates-new-short-film-samsung-galaxyFrom FDR’s personal Day Of Infamy, the well orchestrated murder of over 2200 American sailors on Pearl Harbor and the subsequent 500,000 American lives sacrificed, all for the pursuit of Winston Churchill’s and Wall and High Street Financiers progressive globalist visions of the Anglo-American power elite cabal,  to the murders of JFK, RFK, MLK and countless others, continuing with the destruction of the Twin Towers and the false flag terrorism of the current days, there is so much of our true history denied in the reconstructed, revisionist lies of the winners in the chess game of global dominance. The ruling power elites have so much blood on their hands and have accumulated so much wealth and power that they will never relinquish the keys to their subterranean kingdom. Instead of minor public reprobation and fines the people will scream and get their heads, their blood would not cleanse the streets of their evil acts, but it would go a long way in starting the process. They will never, never let this happen or will die trying to stop it from such. 

That Hillary is being used now as a tool to implement the next phase, perhaps the final phase of the complete takeover of this nation and the destruction of all pretense of democracy should not be doubted. These people could care less about her frail rotting body as long as she can further their plans. How it plays out, unfortunately, we will all know within a few short months. But the end vision is not as difficult to fathom:

There will never be a transfer of power without a serious fight. Can’t you feel the chaos accelerating and hear the pulse of the end game in your ears?

There will be no election in November or, if there is, it will be with a more than half dead body of Hillary fraudulently elected but very likely not able to assume the office or even make it to the oath of office. If she is still alive in some form, they will have no hesitation to end her life at any time convenient to their plans.  

Expect a major false flag domestic act of terror greater than 9/11, a major outbreak of hostilities with Russia, China or both, perhaps even a plague threat that has more sticking power than the Zika virus, which seems to have dwindled recently in its false overly hyped, propagandized threat that has allowed the further poisoning of the American people.

Each of these are not only possible, but probable. Given the need to create a crisis substantial enough that, when combined with the Crisis of transition that is Obama’s Hillary gambit, expect an executive order instituting the COG (Continuance of Government) program, massive civil unrest and select martial law.  There is more, but the overall scenario is one of tyranny, not matter how it is implemented. 

psy-f1-3This is an expected crisis, the Crisis of 2016. For the past several years, for anyone who has bothered to read my very likely annoying missives over the past years, it should come as no surprise. I do want to say, however, despite my repetitive warnings of the final acts on the stage of American democracy, these prognostications come after years of research and do not come lightly. All Empires die, America has been an empire since its first forays into international domination in 1898 and it is dying. However, what is planned is not a total destruction of our empire, but a sharing of power with the Anglo-American elites still in control of the end goal of a global transnational state.

We can stop this. The people’s revolution is real, but un-unified. The program that is planned for us is for further divisiveness, further civil unrest among ourselves as a distraction from those we should be attacking. We are a nation still very prone to the same tried and true psyops that refocus our attention onto the objects that the elite programs drive us into misdirected patriotism and national fury. They will try once again, but this time many in this nation are more prepared, more skeptical and questioning of the official pabulum and fanning away the the sickening miasma of corruption and tyranny. But the forces arrayed against us are so powerful, so deeply embedded that what lies ahead will not happen peacefully. Prepare for chaos beyond any America has ever experienced.

It will be over before we know it. However, who wins this final battle will determine whether we Americans will live as free, sovereign individuals in a renewed democracy or as slaves under the progressive elites transnational tyranny of their long sought all powerful Administrative State.

Most everything has become corrupted, everything.  

Get prepared, get out of the markets, they have been a fraud for years..keep cash at home or in a safe place ( unfortunately, I once had multiple millions from my days on Wall Street, but am flat broke–democratic anarchism does that I suppose)

Have agreements with friends in the country, if you live in the cities, where you and your family can head to when this chaos turns to violence, as it will very likely become, so suddenly and spread like wildfire.

If you do not sense America is sitting on a tinderbox of explosive energy, you also likely still think Hillary is a healthy savior pig, she is not. This really is it. Pray for America. Pray for freedom. 

Excellent, must watch–It’s all propaganda and lies, all of it.