Crumbling of Western Culture

Cultural symbols matter and what they now suggest is that the West is in retreat. This is a retreat in every aspect of life, from religion to popular culture. “Out of respect” for the Iranian president, who presumably would be offended by nudity, the Italian government had museum officials in Rome’s Capitoline place boxes over several nude statues – including one of Venus created in the second century BC – during Hassan Rouhani’s state visit.

AutodefenestrationIt is often said that western ethnocentrism makes it difficult for leaders to understand Islamic culture. Rarely, however, does the reverse hold. Do Iranian imams attempt to embrace our culture? What Islamists do know is that the weakness in the West is palpable. From Scandinavia to Italy, governments are bending over backwards to accommodate minority Muslim populations for fear of violence and because there is a loss in civilizational confidence.

President Obama, for example, is more likely to pay emotional tribute to Islam than the Judeo Christian culture he represents.

-Crumbling of Western Culture

Source: Crumbling of Western Culture