Deep State Takedown In Progress–Truth, Justice and God


Yes, he is. Trump is coming for them all. And it is not just Democrats, as the treasons and crimes have crossed party lines for generations. The Obama Administration’s senior team members will be the first to be arrested, however. This includes the two former Obama Attorney Generals and Clinton, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, and on and on up to the former President himself. To be complete, however, it must cross the aisles and bring down John McCain, both Bush’s and the entire cabal behind the 9/11 massacre. Soros (who may already be dead) and his minions will be toast and hopefully, the arm of truth and the law will reach across the pond and the likes of the Rothschild’s and even some “Royals” in the pedophile trade, will be forced to their dirty, bloodied knees.

This could go on for years and we should all prepare for putrid, stomach turning truths that will bring most American’s, except for the denizens of Hollywood’s dank rape dungeons and far too many zombified PC elites on both the “leftist” coasts of America, to a state of anger that may be hard to contain. This anger may, however, be necessary to fight the unleashed lobotomized acolytes of the evil that has for far too long ruled this nation and much of the “West.”  These Satanists, pedophiles, murderers and traitors will not go quietly into the night, but armed with Truth, the Law and the independent journalists of the non-mainstream media on the internet; America will prevail. Truth trumps the lie, and America has become one giant lie propagated by the elites and their Tavistockian/Bernays  propaganda machinery of the corporate owned media. 

Q Anon says so and has so far been dead on.

President Trump must move on the Cabal and before they start a war!

#The Storm has arrived.

Look up the President’s  speech to the FBI graduates of the Quantico training camp of the “golden brick” for elite agents this fall, the unfolding pincers of justice have all been being worked upon since day one of his inauguration. There are real Americans and God fearing citizens in all the major covert and police agencies as there are in the military and the private military; former special ops and Navy Seals that have had enough of the corruption, treasons and satanic perversions of the former ruling powers in this nation and around the globe. Trump has elite forces in the marines and FBI ready to act upon the well over 5,000 sealed federal indictments that have been piing high in Federal Courts across the land. Or so it is said.

Look up Tracy Beanz, Roy Potter on YouTube, they’ve been all over this for months. Now Lionel, also on YouTube is all over it, and he is what I think a brilliant mind and has been well-known in news and media for many years.. Then an obvious deep insider, who is called Zach (not his real name) who had to leave the country for his safety, but calls in to the Alex Jones show and who has been astoundingly correct in his predictions and his analysis over the past year as well should be paid very close attention to as well.

The storm may have arrived.

There are so many riddles to be revealed over these next few years: JFK, Oklahoma City, 9/11, Las Vegas, Clinton’s murder trail, the CIA/Bush/Clinton/Soros/Royals/ Elites (including Google’s Schmidt) global, heroin, cocaine, child sex slavery and illegal human organ trades, and then even on to Roswell and the truth around UFO’s-yes, even UFO’s. 

We are entering the most dangerous of times, yet the most exciting, revealing and potentially cleansing.

Pray it is so!

Deep State Takedown In Progress: Is Trump About To Start Arresting Top Democrats And Bringing Them To Justice?

From a mouthpiece of the progressive fascist pedophile elites, New York Magazine, the comparison of Q Anon and the brilliant ever-growing group of independent journalists through the private networks of 4Chan, 8Chan, Reddit and others to Pizzagate (which is 100% real) is a sign of the desperation of the Deep State elites!!

 The Storm Is the New Pizzagate Only Worse

-Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

-Corruptocrat How a single hashtag can change the world

The Worst Perversion

-Tech Bros Bought Sex Trafficking Victims by Using Amazon and Microsoft Work Emails

QAnon Links Resignation of Googles Schmidt to Trumps Executive Order

They did not arrest the lesbian, Satanic, pedophile and child sex ring leaders Hillary & Clinton because of Obama, their protector, and cohort, was still President. Now, at the end of the first year of President Donald Trump, all of the perps will fall. Prison is to good for them.

-Erik Prince NYPD Ready to Make Arrests in Anthony Weiner Case