Deep State To PizzaGate: Truth Unsealed – Robert David Steele – Must Watch–ESSENTIAL

If you watch anything today, or any day for that matter, this is the one video to watch. Brilliant, former CIA covert senior officer, author and political pundit is absolutely on point. There are several important points that are 100% on point.  It would be impossible for any of my followers not to know that the power elites in Washington, Wall Street and the dark caverns of the indoctrinated members of the Deep State will do all that is within their considerable powers to derail the Presidency of Donald Trump and eliminate the risk he poses not just to their control over every aspect of American civilization, but to protect against their massive criminal activities which are far greater, deeper and generational than most of you can possibly imagine. Their moral depravity; from pedophilia, murder, drug smuggling, treason, subversion , anti-American activities and only God knows what other criminal activities, must never be allowed to become truly public. Their crimes would result not only in a ripping sound across this nation, as our very heart is ripped from our national soul, but without any doubt, end many of their lives where death by hanging may be the least of the penalties.

A few points:  We are at War

End the Empire should be the cry of all patriotic Americans on either side of the political spectrum that are not members of the corrupted zombie minions of the power elites. I have written over the years discussing the starting point for the end of the American Republic. Although, one could say that Lincolns disregard of the constitutional right of secession that was guaranteed to the individual states when they signed the Constitution and was clearly implied by it’s authors as such a right, I hold the true point at 1898. This was the date when America’s political, financial and media elites disregarded the Republic’s founders and succumbed to their hubris and decided to become an empire. Please read the brief summary of the anti-imperialist professor at Yale University speech against the invasion of the Philippines and Cuba that is included below. 

Pizzagate/Pedogate is real and elite pedophilia is far more prevalent throughout the elite in Washington and the entire decadent, above the law, western political and power elites from London to Brussels. Arrests are happening around the world over the past several months, however the real evil behind the pandemic of pedophilia has not been yet touched for it remains protected by the CIA, FBI and other similar agencies in this nation, even at the state level, and throughout the West. It is the power elites prerogative to appease all of their sexual appetites no matter how deviant, even to the point of child sacrifices and murder.

I know this sounds absurd, as it should to any morally grounded human being, however, it is equally difficult for law abiding, moral person to comprehend the acts of known sociopaths and psychopaths whose lack of empathy for others is such a critical aspect of their ability to commit acts of such horror without any hesitation or regret, even laugh about it. Hillary Clinton’s insane cackle over the death of Muammar Gaddafi ” We came, We saw, He died”,  the many times that George W. Bush smiled and laughed about the destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan, come to mind as signs of a total emotional disregard for the misery and death of millions that their war crimes caused. Perhaps, ‘W’s” obsession with painting the war wounded is at least some sign that a twinge of guilt is buried somewhere in his black soul.

If anyone believes that an organization with the technical capabilities of the CIA now revealed by Wikileaks and that has been and remains a known conduit, supporter and dealer of heroin, cocaine and likely various forms of “speed” into the United States and globally, is not directly involved in the fastest growing criminal activity in the world today, sex slavery and child trafficking, perhaps they ought to think a little harder! At the very least, there is zero chance that the senior officers of the most sophisticated surveillance and spying network in the world would not be aware of the massive illegal movement of human beings by the extensive network of modern day slavers worldwide. However, almost certainly the CIA and military intelligence is directly engaged in this $150 billion a year “industry.” Think of the recent case of a decorated soldier being punished for beating an Afghani officer who was sexual raping and abusing a young Afghan boy. Sounds totally absurd and dishonorable does it not, but when placed in the context of our own elite child sex system, not really as it is likely the Afghani officers are also procurers of young children for the CIA Military meat market supplying the needs of elites in America and Europe.  

The CIA-NSA nexus , as I have said repeatedly over the years has the ability to control almost anyone they wish to turn into an acolyte, no matter how powerful. They have knowledge of every detail of the sins of every member of Congress, the courts, even those within the administration of the President. If the rumors of John McCain and Lindsey Graham’s homosexual relationship are true, and I believe them to be so and have provided at least an interesting body language analysis supporting the case below; or Obama’s previous life as an active member of Chicago’s “Down Low Club”, a homosexual club where sex was had with abandon and partners of Obama were subsequently murdered, do not doubt for one second that this is not all documented in files at the CIA and used for bribery and control. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Donald Trump is under assault and this nation is at greater risk of destruction than at any time in its history. As Abraham Lincoln once surmised, it is the enemy within that is now murdering America. We are at war and we all had better start accepting this and preparing for a turbulent summer ahead. 

Listen to the whole video, Steele is dead on, unfortunately.

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