The defeated left turns to HATE: Liberals unleash beatings, death threats and calls for mass murder & MSM Fans The Flames–Treason

The left has continued to prove that they are the ideology of fascism, of hatred and violence. This is not a surprise. The Nazi party in Germany arose from the socialist left. The progressives in the United States were once the party of Eugenics and the segregation of the weak and disabled. The clear provocation by the mainstream media, following on their extensive, coordinated attempt to subvert the election process in America borders on treasonable.

The new Trump administration should take a good hard look at renewing the licenses of the major media networks and, upon a full investigation, if their executives are proven to have been working together to destroy a fair election process, they should see the inside of a jail cell.  

The DNC, Soros and the transnational, One World Order elites are not going to give up easily. They must be met with equal force. 

Mike Adams-Natural News

The defeated left turns to HATE: Liberals unleash beatings, death threats and calls for mass murder of Trump supporters.

14925758_1241461129244733_8189955019371228621_n-640x480Now that the voters have wholly rejected the retarded, delusional leftist vision for America –– which we might as well just call “liberal suicide” — the real character of the left is on full display. Today, angry liberals are turning to extreme violence and hatred, calling for the killing of Trump supporters, the assassination of Trump and the bloody beatings of all whites.

Yes, the racism, violence, bigotry and HATE of the left has finally come out of the closet.

I saw this coming, of course, long ago. If you’re a regular Natural News reader, you may recall my August 30th article entitled Chaos will erupt across America in less than 100 days… no matter who wins the election. Now, like clockwork, it’s all coming true exactly as I foresaw.

In a section of that article entitled “If Trump wins, the left goes full terror,” I wrote:

article-0-1504437c000005dc-588_634x423As I’ve publicly predicted numerous times over the last year, if Donald Trump wins, the radical extreme leftists go on a violent rampage that leads to the rest of us begging for martial law. After half a dozen cities burn with riots and looting, Trump invokes a national emergency, deploying National Guard troops across the most devastated urban areas, and the radical left finds itself in a shooting war with the government.

That article, of course, was widely mocked by the incompetent, idiotic media (and brain damaged leftists in general), yet it turned out to be 100% correct as we all can now see. (Once again, Natural News was right and the entire establishment was incredibly wrong… are you surprised?)

Now, the left is going “full terror” and calling for mass killings of Trump supporters and white people in general. Yep, genocide is now the new political goal of the left.


Video: NBC Predicts Race War; Tells Americans They Have No Hope

Claims Trump Welcomed Only By Despot Leaders

Steve Watson
November 10, 2016

In a remarkable broadcast Wednesday night, NBC appeared to predict a full on race war in America now that Donald Trump is to become the 45th President.

Anchored by Lester Holt, the most bias debate host in history, the broadcast featured a report that used a phrase coined by Van Jones earlier in the week, ‘Whitelash’.

While Donald Trump’s many supporters are basking in his victory, many others woke up this morning feeling disillusioned by the headlines,” a clearly despondent Holt moaned.

“Time and time again critics accused Trump of running a campaign with undercurrents of racism and those concerns persist now that the election results show a sharp racial divide,” Holt continued.

Holt then threw to reporter Ron Allen who had prepared a fear mongering race war report.

“Outside the nation’s African-American history museum, there’s deep worry about president-elect Donald Trump’s victory and the huge turn-out by rural working-class white voters.” Allen stated.

The reporters then suggested that Trump was able to capture the White House because rural Americans are inherently racist and afraid of diversity.

“They see what’s been called a ‘white-lash.’ White Americans feeling left out and deep resentment as the nation grows more diverse.” Allen suggested.

“Rallied by a candidate who promised to ban Muslims, wall out Mexicans, and who challenged the very legitimacy of the nation’s first black president.” he added.

The broadcast also focused on Latino voters and how “this election seems more like an eviction” for them.

What NBC, and the mainstream media wants to sweep under the rug is the fact that Donald Trump received critical votes in key states that previously voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.

In addition, Trump also received more black and Hispanic votes than Mitt Romney did four years ago, and fewer white votes. NBC itself even reported this.

This clearly indicates that Americans of all ages, genders, races and backgrounds voted for Trump on issues such as the economy and trade.

However, those facts don’t play into the corporate media narrative that Armageddon is coming and there is to be a huge race war, much like the predictions of crazed psychopath cult leader and killer Charles Manson.

Further fanning the flames of fear, NBC ran a report by Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel, who declared that “there are deeper concerns tonight that the world’s shining light of democracy has gone dark.”

Give me a F**KING BREAK!!!! This stuff is pure bullshit

“There were gasps around the world. Headlines, ‘Trumpocalypse’ and ‘Disunited States’” Engel stated with a dramatic ‘end of the world’ type soundtrack playing in the background.

Engel falsely claimed that Trump was congratulated on his victory ONLY by tyrants and despots around the world.
“Those welcoming the most were right-wing parties, who rushed to embrace Trump as their new hero.” Engels declared.

From the report:

“He’s like me,” joked the Filipino president, accused of turning his police into anti-narco death squads. Egypt’s General Sisi, who came to power in a coup bragged he was the first foreign leader to congratulate Trump. And Hungary’s Victor Orban who did wall out his country to keep out refugees called Trump “great news.” And of course, Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Engel concluded with a warning that Trump’s “presidency could usher in global instability.”

So there you have it, the mainstream media is now in full on retaliation attack mode, outright saying that Trump is in bed with despots.

In addition, while a minority of anti-Trump “protesters” are out in the streets decrying the democratic process, with some calling for revolution and instigating violence, the media, instead of calling for calm, is literally telling them they have no hope and that a race war is coming.