giphy-22Election fraud has been going on since the very first days of America. In the old days taverns would be emptied to vote for the candidate who bribed the drinkers with the most rum and of course dead people have always found a way to the polls, which of course is one of the wonders of science.  Today, there are far more subtle ways, but the good old fashioned mechanisms are still very effective and enhanced with the use of more modern methods of travel then were available in the 19th century!

Obama lies as does every one of the sycophants to the power elites from the mainstream media to almost all of the Democratic operatives. Intentionally lying to the American people with such impunity with the intent of interfering with the national elections and the democratic process is tantamount to treason against the American people and the nation.

urlThe problem is, of course, as I have been saying since Trump became the Republican candidate, the elites, the corrupt and immoral that rule this nation today can not let Trump into the Oval Office. They not only fear their loss of power, control and privilege that would come from with the election of a non-establishment President, they know now that Donald Trump will immediately seek the prosecution of all of those that have undermined not only the election process, but the foreign policy of this nation and all of those that have been, in effect, stealing from the American people the nation’s sovereignty, it’s freedoms, it’s moral and ethical foundations as well as its wealth. 

Election fraud will happen. It will be massive. It will be blatant and unless the forces against them muster enough strength at the polls to make it all but impossible for the democratic machinery to steal, the elites will have their day–and ultimately the Clinton’s will have their revenge.