DepSecDef On Boosted Humans & Robot Weapons -Power and Control Dictate Ethics and Morality in America

There are no constraints on military science anymore, if there really ever were any at all–none. Anyone who denies that the future of warfare knows no moral or ethical boundaries, particularly for an empire losing its hegemony is a liar. Anyone who believes that the technologies of war will not be utilized against the citizens of the American Empire is a self-deluded fool.

WASHINGTON: The senior leadership of the US military knows that genetically modified humans — stronger, faster, or better at altitude — and intelligent machines that could kill without remorse and with enormous efficiency, are two of the thorniest policy nettles they must grasp.Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work firmly grasped that nettle today, saying the United States would not grant artificially intelligent weapons or other automated systems the right to  kill. He hedged a bit on whether the US military would genetically modify humans, saying “that is really, really troubling.”×288-442k.mp4

DepSecDef On Boosted Humans amp Robot Weapons

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