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For lack of a better term, the European banking structure is about to be gutted and the direct management of the system will be given to the European Stability Mechanism. This statement is not made flippantly or without regard to the facts and macroprudential policies which are being implemented globally.

As an extension of the post titled BRICS SDR to Bailout Eurozone, this installment will provide more detail on why the European Monetary Union is in the cross hairs for 2015 and how all paths towards the multilateral framework have now arrived at the systemic bottleneck called the Pillars of Hercules.

In addition, we will explore how the International Monetary Fund will move past the 2010 Quota and Governance Reforms and evolve into a Supra-Fund with the help of the BRICS Development Bank and other Multilateral Development Banks, or MDB’s. But not before discussing how American interests will be sidestepped, not just on IMF Reform, but also to ensure the Chinese yuan is included in the SDR basket by January, 2016.

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Who profits, who gains power in the global fascist state? No mention of Freedom, Individual Rights or the basic tenants of a  Free Society, for these things are irrelevant to those seeking global crony-capitalist fascism. We are so close to feeling the boot heels on our necks, if you tried harder you would be able to smell the leather on their soles.