DHS and TSA Intentionally Misled Public About X-ray Cancer Risks-A Criminal Conspiracy

If the senior members of two government bureaucracies intentionally withheld known information pertaining to the risks to the public of any policy or technology they implemented, let alone the potential risks to the lives of every citizen and foreigner traveling by air within the sphere of control of the Department of Homeland Security; this is a criminal act and fits every definition of a conspiracy!!

Despite the overwhelming evidence from exuding from every pore of the unaccountable Federal government Leviathan of criminal  malfeasance committed covertly and with full knowledge and intent, the brain dead, indoctrinated masses seem to remain immune from what should be considered the innate, self-protective response of repudiation and revolt.

No matter how egregious the crimes against the people of this nation by our own government over many years and at an accelerating rate, the “noble lies” and myths that envelope the absurd irrationality of the deeply embedded notion of American Exceptionalism seem to remain impregnable.

All bureaucracies are selfprotective super organisms that will seek to protect themselves and their minions from external threat and scrutiny, but the executives will transcend this intrinsic organizational gestalt when there is power and profit to be gained as well.  Always follow the money and power benefit chain and the true source of any given government crime will become clearly evident.

Follow the Money: Homeland Security Inc.

Someone benefited from this egregious lie while Americans were and still very likely are, exposed to deleterious radiation. In this case the former head of the Department of Homeland Security Alan Chertoff, as well as his partner in the Chertoff Group and former CIA official, now Ted Cruz’s campaign chairman, Chad Sweet, were major beneficiaries as well as many others within the revolving door of the government/private sector security and surveillance police state machine.

The leaders of this conspiracy should be prosecuted for their crimes, but won’t. If you think this massively corrupt system generating billions of dollars in profits to the Military/Surveillance and Police State complex will not use all pathways, including the most morally outrageous, to protect their now deeply embedded criminal enterprises sucking the lifeblood of the American people, you are a delusional lobotomized creature of the power elites.

The non-profit public interest research center, Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), obtained documents that reveal that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) intentionally misled the public about the risks associated with the full body scanners that are now in place in every major airport in the US.EPIC filed a FOIA request (Freedom of Information Act) back in 2010, but DHS disregarded the request which led to EPIC suing the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in order to make the department release the now obviously incriminating documents that they had previously and legally requested.

Those documents contained the body radiation fact sheets that reveal the truth about these dangerous machines. Prior to the release of the documents, EPIC stated that the DHS’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA),“withheld test results, fact sheets, and estimates regarding the radiation risks of body scanners used to screen passengers at airports.”

DHS and TSA Intentionally Misled Public About X-ray Cancer Risks

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Source: DHS and TSA Intentionally Misled Public About X-ray Cancer Risks