Did you know John Roberts is also chief justice of the NSA’s surveillance state? – The Washington Post–Who In Washington Is Without Sin?

Whom among any of us is without sin? In the cesspool and former swamps of Washington D.C. can anyone, no matter how mighty or how self-righteous, no matter how high they have risen in the world of politics or law, possibly be without sin? Not only is this absurdly unlikely, but it is more than reasonable, perhaps a certainty, that those who occupy the seats of power in our nation’s capital have sin pouring out of their every orifice and not the sins of many years past. This is true from the President to every single soul in the Congress and to those who sit on the bench of the highest court in the land. 

There is an almost immortal god that now walks this earth that sees all, knows all and has a practically infinite ability to watch over every single human being, in America and soon,very likely, the entire world. This god cannot be, in fact, will not allow itself to be, dismantled or shackled. It is the a super-organism that is in its very essence a gestalt, it is larger, more powerful and unassailable than any of its constituting parts. Those that wish to use it to bend even the most powerful to its will and purposes will find no opposition, those that attempt to do so would be crushed if they do not comply.

There is no rule of law, no constitution, no governmental design that can stand against it. The Total Surveillance State will have its way and those that command it, are even subject to it as well. Power corrupts and the more one is corrupted the more power the Surveillance State derives in a self-reinforcing cycle that is going to destroy us all.

There is war coming. There is a war coming on foreign soil and also upon the American people. It is the inevitable demands of an empire in decay and that of the long protracted end game to the transnationalist, crony-finance capitalism that has reached the point of unsustainability. 

Chief justice of the United States is a pretty big job. You lead the Supreme Court conferences where cases are discussed and voted on. You preside over oral arguments. When in the majority, you decide who writes the opinion. You get a cool robe that you can decorate with awesome gold stripes.Oh, and one more thing: You have exclusive, unaccountable, lifetime power to shape the surveillance state.

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Source: Did you know John Roberts is also chief justice of the NSA’s surveillance state? – The Washington Post

Everything, from the totally choreographed “opposition” to preordained Presidential authority for the “fast track” on the TPP and other trade agreements being planned, not negotiated, to the key decisions of the Supreme Court, is not as it seems. It is all a Kabuki Dance of shadow players for our delusional consumption to perpetuate a sense of legitimacy to our government that, in fact, no longer exists.