We Didn’t Know! These Ovens Were Used to Bake Bread for Prisoners!


Judge Jeanine nails it again!! Wake up oh ye ideologically blinded by the propaganda and brainwashing of progressive fascism, why are these people so cement headed? Listen to the democrats response to the judge on this segment, she avoids all evidence, all facts that are indisputable–they are the facts and yet she weaves absurd levels of mental gymnastics to avoid reality–this is what all of these people do, for to admit that after all of the aggressive defense of Hillary’s lies, corruption and evidence of pure evil they refuse to see it, because it would destroy everything they have built up psychologically to defend their self-associated perceptions, their entire core personality.

exhibitThese people can never, ever admit they are wrong for to do so would destroy the very foundations of their persona. It is not dissimilar to the way the people of Germany sublimated the truth of Hitler’s mass murdering concentration camps. We did not smell the human flesh burning, we all thought it was simply a cow processing plant. I am sure that reality, even after the Americans that freed the remaining prisoners forced the townspeople that lived in the surrounding areas outside Buchenwald to enter the death camps, was still mentally unacceptable and diverted to some small untappable corners of their brains to be replaced with the indoctrinated propaganda and the self-induced protective delusions that supported their perceptions of their own innocence and the goodness of the cause of the Reich for which they had so shrilly supported their own sons to die for.

The mass delusion of the left, at least of the die-hard progressive virulent sort, is so imbedded in these peoples self–identification and personality constructs that they can never be persuaded no matter what the truth demands. it did not for years to the German Nazis, it won’t here either to the Hillary acolytes that support her with a fervor that has blinded them to all truth, all facts as it did the forced German visitors to Buchenwald on that death camps horrors.

weimarresidentsThey will say of their Hillary Progressive America, as we are in the midst of devastating wars, when America is a total police state tyranny that imprissons all that disagree with its superior absurdist manufactured truths, where climate change deniers are sent to Fema re-education camps to be reeducated or murdered, where the ideology of eugenics for well over a 1/4 of the century of the progressives is reinstated for the good of society and where freedom, Christianity, personal liberty and self-ownership of our own bodies is totally subjected to the control of the elite controlled Administrative State, they will say–all is good, all is as it should be and Hillary is a saint. When Hillary finally dies (not soon enough for me) these insane, surreal totally brainwashed elites will demand that the Pope, a tool of the New World Order, sanctify her tomb and raise her the Sainthood; the Sainthood of the worshipers of the devil.

We, who try and discern the truth out of the fog of State and Corporate propaganda, can not give up hope even though clearly the battle now is for the marginal, as of yet, not fully indoctrinated minds of the American citizens. The fully brainwashed acolytes and standard bearers of the progressive fascist agenda will never admit defeat, not to truth, not to facts, not to the death and destruction of innocent lives around the world as they seek to impose their “truths” their “scientific” that they so fervently believe is so absolute, so unassailable that anyone who dares to deny the absurdity of their self created godlike brilliance, must capitulate, in what is the progressives version of Muslim dhimmitude or die.  

buchenwald01This is the most dangerous period in American history, it is of Manichean proportions, in fact it is so for the entire world, as the conspiracy of the purveyors of anti-truth are global in scope and in reach. And despite the deaths of millions of innocent human beings around the world directly the result of the insidious evil that is the PC, Cultural Marxist, Fabian, Oneworld Progressive Crony Capitalist Fascism that is now in its final battle to control all of America and then all of western civilization. For many, this is hard to believe because they don’t smell the burning flesh from the ovens, not yet, not yet. But the burning corps in Yemen, Syria and the depleted uranium birth deformaties and cancers destroying the lives of millions in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Balkans and everywhere the American fascist imperium has planted its progressive “humanitarian” flag, certainly should be sufficient for some, but obviously not enough for most in America.

0_5553a734c7cdeWe can not let evil win. We can not let these self-anointed superior beings supported by their wealth, political power and ideologically driven inhuman drive to dominate us all, succeed in imposing the technocratic, centralized all powerful Administrative   State, as State that can only be legitimized under the full force of a coercive police state and mass mind control. We must fight against their lies, even if our voices only convert one out of the many that may hear us, that is how revolutions happen, it is how revolutions succeed. Slavery or freedom, evil or goodness, God or secular humanist atheism, morality   or immorality and licentiousness it is our choice. It is our choice now.

Let us not allow reality to break through only after being forced to witness the ovens, not now, not ever again.  

I have said this before, but how can anyone really believe that is can’t happen here? Are we Americans genetically superior to others? Is our “civilization” so exceptional because of our faith in the ideals of 1776 that we can never succumb to ideologically   driven inhumanity against others and finally against our own? What an absurd, self-delusion mass blindness!! Of course, the myths of American exceptionalism are lies utilized to support the ruling elites approved agenda and perspectives. Americans have been brainwashed under a scientific and all pervasive propaganda regime for generations, and as designed, we have come to accept the idea that America is and will remain immune to the civilizational diseases that infected other societies in the past.

The virus memes of supporting this notion were planted with intent by the power elites that have ruled us visibly in Washington and behind the scenes on Wall Street and transnational corporations boardrooms. It can happen here. Damn it, it is happening here and this will be the result if we do not stop it now.

The first news reel film about the German war crimes, that was shown in American theaters near the end of the war, included some scenes of German civilians, being forced to “atone” for what their countrymen did, by burying the bodies found in the camp. One of the crematory ovens was shown with the body of a prisoner in a striped uniform visible inside, as the narrator said that prisoners had been “burned alive” at Buchenwald. The narrator of the film said that what the Americans found at Buchenwald had “changed the name of Germany to infamy.”

It took years of rehabilitation by the Allies before the German people turned against the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler, “the people’s Chancellor,” whom they had once worshiped. Now the Germans look upon their defeat in World War II as their liberation from the Nazis.

Source: German civilians forced to tour Buchenwald concentration camp