“Dishonest” and “Socialist” Lead U.S. Reactions to Dems

hillary-pinnochioPRINCETON, N.J. — Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have multifaceted images among the American public. But the most common responses Americans give when asked to say what comes to mind when they think of each are “dishonest” and “dislike her” for Clinton, and “socialist” and “old” for Sanders. On the positive side, a fair number of Americans view Clinton as capable and experienced, and Sanders as a fresh face and honest.

Source: “Dishonest” and “Socialist” Lead U.S. Reactions to Dems

Dishonest, Moi? This beast of a supposedly human being is beyond any sane person’s capacity to find even a remote smidgen of credulity, so therefor, a substantial number of Americans are clearly insane. (more likely brainwashed and indoctrinated into a belief system controlled and manipulated by the cadre of evil elites that rule us all) How can only 21% distrust her? How, in the name of all that is good, can this be?