DRUG Scandal About to Rock Hillary’s Campaign! Bill & Cocaine

According to a bombshell new report, Hillary Clinton’s campaign will now have to answer major questions involving drug addiction.

Reportedly, Former President Bill Clinton has a serious addition to cocaine, and he once suffered an almost-fatal overdose. He also once secretly stayed a a drug rehabilitation center in Minnesota! Shocking!

The report, written by former White House Aide Roger Stone, who served in the Nixon administration, insists Bill’s drug problems started in the 1970s as Governor of Arkansas, and continued throughout the early 1990s. In fact, it’s likely drugs played a major role in why he dropped out of the Presidential race in 1987, as his handlers wanted to “clean him up” for future campaigns.

They knew he would never stop womanizing, but handlers moved quickly to keep Bill from overdosing on cocaine. Larry Nichols, a former member of Clinton’s so-called “Kitchen Cabinet,” was informed by Bill’s Chief of Staff Betsey Wright that Bill as put into rehab to quit cocaine for good. The facility where he likely ended up more than once was the Betty Ford Clinic in Minnesota.

Democrat political insiders are nervous, and believe having to answer questions about this illegal drug use cover up could sink her campaign, which is already under fire during an FBI criminal investigation into the illegal use of a home email server to transmit classified information.

What makes the story worse is, Hillary Clinton reportedly went around threatening people into silence about her husband’s serious drug addiction.

-BREAKING DRUG Scandal About To Rock Hillarys Campaign

Hillary Clinton Covered Up Bills Cocaine Rehab

Source: BREAKING: DRUG Scandal About to Rock Hillary’s Campaign!