E.U. begins sending people back across the sea, defying human rights outcry – Good for Them!!!!!

What does a very ambitious cobra do when you offer him a chance to eat the mongoose? Does he say, ‘Oh no, I think I’ll just go on living off rats’?

Good for them! The human rights outcry of the elites and their lobotomized minions is a well orchestrated campaign based on well honed propaganda delivered by a supplicant media. The selective human rights outcry that serves only one purpose; to redirect our emotions to focus on what the elites wish, while the real agenda remains obfuscated. 

Human rights, humanitarian intervention and their ilk are phrases right out of the Tavistock Institute handbook of ruling elite created propaganda memes that are designed to obfuscate the reality of intents of those seeking to control and manipulate the masses.

Whenever you hear these words or read them, when they pour forth from the mainstream global media, put on your aluminum hates and fight the instinct to let them control your mind, for they are there only to serve one purpose–to support the system imposed upon us by an increasingly undemocratic technocracy that have about as much true empathy for the vast unwashed as a cobra does for the mongoose.

The selective media focus on humanitarian issues surrounding the Islamic invasion of Europe confirms only one thing, that they serve only to support and fan the memes of control propaganda of the ruling elites. Where was the outcry over the deaths of up to 500,000 children in Iraq during the US led, Clinton supported embargo of Iraq that former Secretary of State Madame Albright said was so “worth it”? Where were they when the US led campaign in Fallujah left a depleted uranium trail that will kill and deform the children of that city for many, many generations to come?

I could go on and on, the hypocrisy is more than astounding, it is criminal. National sovereignty is being destroyed, cultures decimated and woman raped and sexually assaulted all over Europe by the Islamic hordes that the transnational, multicultural humanistic fascists of the EU bureaucracies and entrenched elites promoted into their nations against the will of the citizens they long ago renounced and it is an outrage against moral justice??? Such typical social engineering crap!!!

The people of the world are rejecting the irrational, anti-cultural garbage that spews forth from papers like the Post. If one citizen is murdered, raped, sodomized or assaulted by the Islamic deviants, let into these countries with clear foreknowledge of the risks by the leaders of the campaigns to destroy national sovereignty in Europe or America, under the criminal laws pertaining to conspiracy, everyone of them should be prosecuted to the full extent of what was once called the rule of law. For these shared crimes of conspiracy directly resulting from the actions of the “leaders” of the still called, though increasingly flagrantly absurdly so, free world, are criminal acts of monstrous proportions

Return the guillotine to the streets! 

Question the purpose of every word, of every guided emotional response to a world no longer remotely constructed by freely chosen realities, for at the end of the line of breadcrumbs there is a  cobra feeding.

Ferries were taking hundreds of people from the Greek islands to the Turkish coast.

EU begins sending people back across the sea defying human rights outcry

On Saturday hundreds of Muslim Turks {“Turkish Nationalists”) in Germany rallied in Duisburg against the Kurdish Worker’s Party (PKK) and for Turkish national sovereignty and security. They were seen using the “Grey Wolves” Salute, the Turkish equivalent of a National Socialist Salute commonly used as what is classified as a “neo-fascist” or “ulltra-nationalist” organization.

Their intention is creating a “Pan-Turkish empire”, unifying all members of the Turkish people under one banner and purging all enemies of Islam.

Germany Muslim Turks march through Duisburg chanting With Allah’s help we shall conquer You

Germany Migrant Rape Crisis Worsens

DU-Baby14Human Rights?

Only for those deemed the subjects of the Western Propaganda Regime supporting the control systems of the dominant transnationalist elites!  

Where are the human rights advocates for those who the Coalition of the Willing, the American led NATO and Western elites allies destruction of the lives of millions–no, but one child drowns off the coast of Greece and the whole muslim immigrant issue becomes the lefts cause celebrite –yet the many,many thousands, if not millions of children sacrificed on the alter of our great humanitarian interests generated nothing?

Break free, even if only for a brief second, of the mind control ans truly see reality in all of its disturbing forms!

Photos of Babies Deformed at Birth as a Result of Depleted Uranium DU 2003

At least 62 children killed in Saudi-led Aggression in Yemen: UNICEF

At least 62 children killed in Saudi-led Aggression in Yemen: UNICEF

Cluster and Barrel Bombs, hey it’s ok if we or our allies use them! But, how outraged are we when other nations do so! The hypocrisy is masked only by the profits of American military hardware and the death cries of millions.

US Shrugs Off Yet Another Report of Cluster Bombs Launched By Saudis In Yemen