Ebola Outbreak: Propaganda Decoded – Unless NYC Turns into a Sea of Writhing Zombies, this is the Definitive Story on this Overblown Threat

Stephen Molyneux buries the “threat”, that is unless he is wrong–which in this case is unlikely. But it is the fear that causes the economic turbulence not necessarily the reality.

Fear War, not Ebola. Ebola is not necessary to the control of the State, War is, as it always has been and it always will be. America and its NATO allies are balancing on economic tightropes and war, perhaps only war, is now likely being perceived as the only solution. A solution not only for the non-creative destruction of productive capacities, both physical and human, that will need to be rebuilt, but also in order to assure the continued coercive monopoly of the entire West’s crony capitalist regimes.

The centralized controlling powers of America’s Federal government requires war. America, at least the America following the War to Win the West and our internal expansionism was over, has been at war in one form or another at least since 1898 and the Spanish American War for empire. However, in many ways, America has been at war since we fell under the rule of a centralized national Federal government, with a start date of the ratification of the American Constitution.  Ebola, may or not be a reasonable thing to fear as Americans, but I think not. What we should fear, however, are the sociopathic power and financial greed driven plutocracy that rules us out of the Imperial Capital, Washington, DC.

The geopolitical games have never stopped. The idea that Russia wants to take over the Ukraine is a total propaganda red herring. The chaos that we have most definitely unleashed, at least accelerated, in the Middle East is very likely an optimal result for American foreign policy and geopolitical dominance of the regions we, the Fascist Empire of the United States, can and will continue to control. Middle East oil, in particular is far less important to America than it was only a few years ago. In fact, it is likely that our power elites will be using the turmoil of our own making to create a greater reliance on the US from a resource and economic perspective than previously imagined.

This may explain the total indifference that the Obama administration and the entire Washington “establishment” is giving to the continued atrocities of the Islamic Republic, which no matter what gibberish they rant about placing their flag over the White House is about as much a current threat to America as Ebola likely is or the chance of peace breaking out all over the world. Our government requires chaos, war and external and internal threats to control us. We are its slaves and virtually nothing is as it seems. However, I believe that ultimately the forces of the market and mankind’s quest for freedom will break the back of the American Empire. Painful and likely violence prone as this process will most definitely be, it is the natural course of things and the only way our children and theirs to follow will ever know the freedoms that we have already lost.