End The Empire. Decentralize The State. Destroy The Ruling Elites Power, Wealth and Security

America, really all of Humanity, is running out of time.

We are running out of time; not because of the propaganda canards of rampant gun violence, global terrorism, nor all of the false memes and propagandized bogies that the ruling elites, our self-anointed intellectual superiors, force down our throats every single day 24/7.

No, we are running out of time because the super power elites, the small cadre of transnationalist, secular humanists and legally unbounded, morally transcendent here in America and around the globe can not, will not, allow the people to rise up and remove the yoke’s they have placed around our necks in subtle, incrementalist fashion over the past 100 years. ( Oh so Fabian of them!).

The revolutions around this earth, whose embryonic rivulets started some time ago, with little noticed events, such as the global revolt against Monsanto, the revulsion against oppressive pharma and the vaccine industry, even the extraordinary resilience of the against the anthropogenic global warmist/climate change cabal, whose sole purpose is to create the humanist manifestos one world religion; a religion to be controlled by the high priests at the UN and the increasingly less hidden cadre of our power mad self aggrandizing “leaders” under the rubric of one world government.

They will create wars.

They will try and fragment us by false conflicts of race, religion, ethnicity.

They will try and anesthetize us with domestic terrorism and inure us to the troops in the streets.

They will murder politicians that attempt to dilute or end their rule.

Why is there no reporting on the fact that Iceland, which the recent CIA directed release of the Panama papers has turned upside down, was the one nation that rebuked the financial elites “solutions” to the debt crisis they created and came away the strongest in the recovery?

I am sure that Brazilian government is redolent with corruption, always has been so, but why now? Could it possibly be that the elites cannot have such a large nation remain under the rule of a true leftist? Particularly, as the crony-capitalist, progressive fascists in America, NATO and the group of 7 are orchestrating the planned chaos and global collapse that is now all around us?

We in the midst of a globally staged Cloward-Piven event, overwhelming even the most aware with total chaos, depriving the system to respond and effectively muting all of our limited capacities to digest it.

This is their game.

It is not the people’s game.

It is the ruling power elites.

They mean to destroy our will to respond and if necessary to enslave us not just with self-delusions and propaganda, but with guns and bars.

Time is running out for America, for Freedom and for the world.

End the Empire Now.

Renew the Rule of Law.

Renew States Rights.

Bring back the American Republic

Bring the guilty to justice, no matter how crowded our jails become with the real criminals in America–the folks behind the desks above the law.