The Ends Justify The Means

quote-the-principle-that-the-end-justifies-the-means-is-in-individualist-ethics-regarded-as-friedrich-august-von-hayek-57-17-75Almost all forces applied by the State externally, whether in the realm of finance and corporate or geopolitics, are always backed by the threat of coercive power and have goals related to influence and dominance in one form or another. Unlike the presumed purpose of government with regards to its own citizens that supposedly is legitimized by its serving the interests of, externally the State will serve to enhance either the wealth and power of the State and its governing elites or to achieve the same for the corporate interests and the finance and business elites that they serve.

Under the ruling ideology of today’s neoliberal corporatist fascism, the two groups goals, the State and Corporate, are symbiotic both internally and externally. The untamed pursuit of these mutually reinforcing ends, wealth and power, applied with considerably more aggression under the banner of a rawer ideological purity in foreign lands, without the extraordinary efforts of a society’s moral, ethical and religious constraints, will ultimately be applied by a corrupted State to the domestic sphere as well.

It is a slow leakage of poison, at first constrained by the rule of law and the common morality, despite extreme historical aberrations condoned by convoluted and warped moral and ethical rationalizations, slavery and our war on the native Americans, America did, for a time of slightly over 100 years, uphold a relatively strong moral code in our nation’s foreign affairs. In 1898, the year America decided to truly seek empire, all of that changed and the slow death of our national soul began.

At first, America’s emerging role in the world had a constructive domestic effect, as the memes and propaganda of the elites justification for using State power in foreign lands tended to reinforce a national sense of, at least, relative goodness, of exceptionalism and national pride. But as America grew more powerful overseas, so to did the State grow more extensive and powerful domestically.  

As the use of the coercive powers of the State became the tool of corporations and wealth in countless wars and military excursions, the corruption and hubris of the ruling oligarchs of wealth and power came to infect every aspect of America’s domestic and foreign affairs. The justifications for our external wars, where the ends always validated the means no matter how immoral, unethical or illegal under American or international law, eventually worked its insidious way into the State and its agents relationships with the citizens that had originally given it legitimacy.

Tyranny-610x400There is no legitimacy to a police State. America has been totally corrupted and the lofty ideals of our past are no more. As the first external forays into using our unique concept of manifest destiny to justify forcing our corporate interests upon the people’s of other lands initiated the slow death of the America of our founding, the use of the coercive State domestically by an elite of power and wealth to their benefit has destroyed the last vestiges of American democracy. It is not from too much democracy, as Andrew Sullivan eloquently stated in his piece this past spring for New York Magazine, it is from the lack of a real democracy and the imposition of the morality, or lack thereof, of war upon the American people. A morality that was also fully embraced by the progressives in conjunction with the absurd rationalizations for America’s arguments for a geographically unbound manifest destiny.

As the ends justify the means becomes the overriding sentiment of the ruling elites in domestic governance, as it has been from the start in our foreign affairs, unrestrained by the rule of law and an ethical, moral and religious national core, America will follow the path of all democracies before it. The path leads to tyranny. Unfortunately, we have only a few more steps left until we reach that end.

America’s Communist Program 

George Orwell wouldn’t be surprised at what the Pentagon and CIA have done at Gitmo.

Throughout the Cold War, the US national-security state told the American people that it was necessary for America to go over to the dark side in order to combat the threat of communism and the Soviet Union. By that, they meant adopting policies and practices employed by the communists. It was a mindset akin to fighting fire with fire.

That’s how America ended up with a formal program of assassination, whereby US agents wielded the power to assassinate people around the world who were suspected of being communists, despite the fact that the victims had never initiated any force against the United States. It was essentially a system of legalized murder or, as President Lyndon Johnson termed the program, “Murder, Inc.”It’s also how the national-security state ended up with the authority to oust democratically elected regimes in which people had elected the “wrong” people (i.e., communists or communist sympathizers) to be their president or prime minister.

It’s also how the federal government embraced the top-secret medical experimentation program known as MKULTRA, whose records were destroyed by CIA officials when the program came to light, a program that could easily have been modeled after the medical experimentation program of National Socialist Germany, many of whose officials were secretly being hired by the CIA after World War II.And of course there was a formalized program of torture, as manifested by Operation Phoenix in the Vietnam War, a war that sacrificed more than 58,000 American men in the purported attempt to keep America from being taken over by the communists.

-Americas Communist Program