The EU Determined to Ensure BREXIT Will Not Succeed

As I have been saying now for some time, the year 2016 will be considered by future historians, if any are allowed to ply their trade outside of the Ministry of Truth, as one of the most important years in the history of Western Civilization, perhaps in the history of the world, but certainly in the history of the homo-libertas. BREXIT is not, as the propaganda spewing forth from every orifice of the mouthpieces of the global transnational fascist elites, simply an economic issue for the British people; it is about the survival of a whole unique culture based on common history, it is about democracy, liberty and freedom.

Troika-UnelectedFreedom, not just from the ever-expanding voracious maw of the bureaucratic administrative state in Brussels, but from the grasp of the insidious power of the corporatist, self-anointed globalist elites that seek to rule a submissive, docile and enslaved people, not just in Britain, but throughout Europe, North America and eventually the world. They will never let the “leave’ block win. If by some miracle of God (not Allah) the British people overwhelm even the most determined voting fraud and false flag murders and vote to leave the EU, the wrath of the global corporatist state will be quick and severe, Britain will be punished as an example to the other anti-EU movements of the strangled states of Europe suffering under the bureaucratic choke hold of the overpaid technocratic pigs in Brussels.

A few predictions that are all related to the elites reaction to the surprising strength  of revolution against them:

They will  do everything in their power, which is more than considerable, to never allow Britain to leave the EU. Voter fraud will be rampant on the 23, violence will be used without compulsion if needed.

The risk of war is extremely high, despite the statements against NATO by the German Foreign Minister and the rejection of participating in the Baltic naval war games by Romania, America and NATO are gearing up for war against Russia. Assad is simply a cover story and a potential catalyst for confrontation. It’s really always been about Russia for America. From Zbigniew Brzezinski’s puppet Obama, the entire neocon military establishment from Kissinger to the Kagan’s, to those within the inner sanctum of the real powers that rule the West, a nationalistic Russia that is not servile to the transnational one world vision, must be destroyed.  

The timing of war is not dependent on a planned date, it is dependent on when it is needed to redirect the anger of the people from the established undemocratic order, towards a totally propaganda fabricated external existential threat. War will, without any doubts, be utilized as well to install martial law throughout the West. It will be the death knell of all pretenses of democracy.

In the same vein, Trump will not be allowed to win in November. The current strategy is to starve him of funds for his campaign, all the more reason to reject him at the convention. The negative response of the Republican leadership to the Trump candidacy has nothing to do with his foot-in-mouth disease or his stated policy goals and everything to do with protecting their corruption and conspiratorial complicity in crimes against the American people. They would rather have a controlled puppet in Hillary than a Trump unbeholden to their will, who very likely would be inclined to reveal the massive corruption of our established order over the past 50 years. 

Hillary will, with the support of the Obama administration’s Justice Department and, what after the FBI’s complicity in the Orlando fiasco would indicate, a fully compliant FBI as well, become President of the United States–either to initiate or continue the war against Assad and thru Syria to Russia. Understand, that despite the continued rhetoric and anti-American bombast from the leadership in Iran, nothing is as it seems.

With recent revelations that long prior to and during the Iran revolution against the American installed puppet, the Pahlavi Shah, there was close contact between the Ayatollah Khomeini and agents of the American imperialist devils, one should assume that there is actually far more intelligence to Obama’s Iranian nuclear deal than the controlled press would have the American people believe.

There clearly has been a shift in the White House’s policy balance between the Sunni Gulf States led by Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran. When the final battle begins is it not possible that Iran will surprise the world and not join with their currently portrayed ally Russia against the West? To believe that the President of the United States, particularly Obama, has all of a sudden transcended the grip of the foreign policy cabal of neocons and the hidden state would be to defy the history of the office.

War is coming and in the game of thrones, there are no alliances and no words out of the various government mouthpieces reflecting the will of power elites that should be taken at face value.  

The Canadian version of the American CIA produced a report, which I published the other day, that strongly indicated that Russia was preparing for War. There is no way that this was not preapproved by their American counterparts and, along with the absurd hype of the never to be revealed names in the foreign Office that signed a memo that was nothing more than propaganda for war against Assad’s syria, the Orlando false flag massacre to increase American’s demands for the elimination of ISIS and myriad other propaganda pronouncements from politicians and the media, clearly the case for war not only against Assad, but far more significantly Russia, is being diligently laid out.  

Once again, the tried and true methods of the past will be used again, thus the trail of breadcrumbs leading to war should be easy to follow. At this point in the history of the subversion of America, it is likely that the perpetrators really don’t give a damn what some of us think is happening out there, their control over the masses still remains more than sufficient for them to get away with the death of our liberty.  

Finally, between now and the election this fall, expect further false flag attacks on American soil, directed and well-coordinated civil unrest here and in Europe. Expect financial and economic collapse.

This week will be extraordinarily important for the failure of BREXIT to win will most likely lead to sharply rising civil unrest throughout Europe. The machinations behind the forced federalization of Europe by the elitists from assassinations and political coups right down to massive immigration to breed-out the European race, cannot be sustained. The whole refugee crisis is a crisis since the majority of these people are not even from Syria and among their ranks are terrorists intent upon destroying Europe.

The voter fraud in the Austrian election to save the EU has been ruled by the Austrian Constitutional Court has revealed outrageous “errors” to the point that votes were simply regarded as non-binding recommendations. The investigations continue, but this reflects the desperate attempt to save Brussels at the expense of all of Europe. This was portrayed as dangerous had the people been allowed to actually vote so the election had to be rigged. This casts a lot of questions over the reality of BREXIT vote to take place on the 23rd. Is there any hope of a real election at all?

Unfortunately, those in Brussels, like the Troika, cannot be voted out of office since they have defeated any possible democratic vote. They never stand for election. The very people who dictate the fate of Europe and are responsible for undermining all the pensions with negative interest rates, never stand for election at any time and still tell the people it is a democratic process.

Why any Brit would surrender their independence to become economic slaves to Brussels just shatters the mind. This is a dangerous situation for the only means to reform or disagree with the policies in place will be civil unrest if not war.

The EU Determined to Ensure BREXIT Will Not Succeed

Source: The EU Determined to Ensure BREXIT Will Not Succeed | Armstrong Economics