Europe May Soon be Swept by a New Wave of Migrants | New Eastern Outlook

These days, as Europe is engaged in a behind the scenes fight with Turkey to put an end to the flow of illegal migrants along the “Turkish route”, European officials prefer to keep silent about yet another impressive wave of illegal migrants coming to the EU from Africa.

somalia-drought-refugee-dadaab-famine-water-africa-1-20110723_1For sure, this decision can be partially explained by the fact that the migrants that are getting to Europe via the Turkish Route are mostly the refugees from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Over decades migrants from these countries have been forming large ethnic groups in Central and Northern Europe and that is the reason why today’s refugees are trying to reach those areas.

It should be noted that over 900 thousand migrant have taken the “eastern route” between Turkey and Greece back in 2015, and most of them sought refuge in Germany, the UK, and Nordic states. Germany alone may spend over 93 billion euros to accommodate all those people by 2020, says Der Spiegel while making a special reference to the German Ministry of Finance. In order to understand how grave the situation is, one may note that this sum is two times larger that the budget of Greece.


Source: Europe May Soon be Swept by a New Wave of Migrants | New Eastern Outlook