Europe, vassal of USA (Is NATO preparing WWIII?) –Another Less Optomistic View

To use the popular language on the campuses of the leftist American University, I want to run to a “safe place” every time I hear the “trigger” phrase the Russian invasion of the Ukraine and Crimea. As mentioned here many times and boldly down below this is a total lie utilized by America and NATO to justify its military buildup all along the Russian border to Europe and the bellicose approach to the Russians legal and rightful engagement by the sovereign government of Syria to help defend it against what is in essence an American sponsored invasion by radical Sunni Muslims. America, utilizing Operation Gladio tactics deposed in a coup with neo-Nazi storm troopers the legitimate pro-Soviet government of the Ukraine and placed a pro-EU/American puppet regime in its place. ( I have enclosed the famous phone conversation of Assiatant Secratray of State, Victoria Nuland again for those who have not heard it prior and the transcript)

Furthmore, Crimia had been Russian territory since 1783 in one form or another and, besides being overwhelmingly Russian speaking, it hosts the Russian Black Sea fleet in Sevastopol, Russia’s only warm water naval base, excluding the one they are developing in Syria. For a nation that historical professed to back the national soverigenty claims of peoples seeking their own destinies, America has once again proven this esteemed vision to be a total lie. We only will do so when it is by a regime we have ourselves installed. Russia has more right to be in the Crimea than we do in Peurto Rico or Gunatenamo.

Using the “aneexation” of Crimea as the rational for our military designs for deposing Putin in Russia by any means is pure propaganda and a lie that the key players in NATO and America know full well is a lie. It sure seems to this observer that America and our NATO surrogates are looking for an excuse to fight, no matter the consequences. 

NATO defense ministers convened a two-day meeting in Brussels Wednesday to thrash out final plans for the deployment of some 4,000 combat troops organized in four battle groups within striking distance of Russia’s border.

These front-line forces are to be backed by a 40,000-strong rapid reaction force capable of going into battle within days.

The plan represents the largest military escalation in the region since the height of the Cold War between the US and the former Soviet Union and carries with it the heightened threat of an armed confrontation between Washington and Moscow, the world’s two largest nuclear powers.

At the end of Wednesday’s session, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg confirmed that the United States, Britain, Germany and Canada had agreed to provide the leading elements of the battle groups to be deployed respectively in Poland and the three former Soviet Baltic republics: Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

Stoltenberg added that other NATO member states would contribute soldiers and armaments to the buildup. Describing the deployment as “multinational,” he stressed that it underscored that “[a]n attack on any ally will be considered an attack on us all.”

Defending the deployments in an interview with the German broadcaster, Deutsche Welle, the outgoing American deputy secretary general of NATO, Alexander Vershbow, claimed the US-led alliance “had no choice.”

“Russia changed the whole paradigm in 2014 with its aggression against Ukraine, its illegal annexation of Crimea,” said Vershbow.

This is a barefaced lie. The crisis in Ukraine was triggered not by “aggression” on the part of the Kremlin oligarchy, but rather the conspiracy of Washington and Berlin to overthrow the elected government in Kiev through the mobilization of violent fascist and right-wing nationalist forces. The US openly associated itself with this coup, with Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland bragging that the US had spent $5 billion to further Ukrainian regime change.



                                             Source: Europe, vassal of USA (Is NATO preparing WWIII?) – Defend Democracy Press