European ‘No-Go’ Zones: Fact or Fiction?–There Will Be Blood

Karl Marx held that history is shaped by control of the means of production. In our times history is shaped by control of the means of communication.” —Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.

“The press has become the greatest power within the Western countries, more powerful than the legislature, the executive, and the judiciary.” —Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mecnanism in society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country…. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind, who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world.” —Edward Bernays

Everything you’ve ever heard about pack journalism is true. In fact, it’s an understatement. Though journalists pride themselves on their intellectual independence, they are neither very intellectual nor even marginally independent. They are animals. In fact, they operate on the same herd instincts that guide ants, hoofed mammals, and numerous other social creatures.

A 1990 survey showed that an astonishing number of Congressmen and other elected officials believed that the pyramids may have been built by aliens. Even worse, one of the groups that came out with the highest levels of general ignorance was newspaper editors. Over 50 percent of these media leaders felt that dinosaurs and humans had inhabited the earth at the same time. (Humans, in fact, didn’t show up until some 65 million years after the dinosaurs had abandoned their bones and departed from the scene.) The bottom line: The men and women spooning facts into the brains of most Americans have apparently gotten their scientific education from the Flintstones.

Writes Molly Ivins: “One of the most depressing aspects of reporters as a group is that they tend to be fairly ignorant themselves. There is no excuse for it, and there is a complete cure for it. Read, read, read.”

Writers respond to the world with a kind of herd instinct. They see which direction the animals on either side of them are rushing, and don’t bother to notice the real world through which the pack is moving. Yet they pretend to report on the real world. What’s worse, they often fool their readers into believing that this is true.

So I am angry at the press. I am angry at its dishonesty. I am infuriated by its moral corruption. I am disgusted with its laziness and lack of intellectual independence. I am sickened by its phony self-image. And I am furious that I was lied to in my youth. I hate the wonderful progressive magazine I read in my teens, the Reporter, for telling me about Chiang Kai Check’s atrocities while hiding the atrocities of Mao. I hate the Village Voice, a publication I swore by in my twenties, for telling me about the despicable My Lai Massacre our troops carried out in Viet Nam without informing me that the standard Viet Cong procedure for winning the hearts and minds of villagers was to take the most prominent village family—usually a dozen or more grandparents, uncles, aunts, mothers, fathers, children, and infants—tie them to a few canisters of dynamite in the town square, then detonate the charge. I hate the press for turning me into a war protester against Nixon and Johnson when I should have been shouting just as loudly against Ho Chi Minh. And, worse, when I should have been shouting against the genocide of between one and three million of my fellow human beings that Pol Pot was pulling off in Cambodia. And I am disconcerted that the tribe the press have slated for the next Cambodian-style unreported annihilation is my own, the Jews.

The surprising part is that just like Jonathan Swift, today’s journalists regard themselves as not only the guardians of honesty, morality and truth, but think they’re incorruptible. Human nature is so peculiar. In fact, it’s a bit worse than that—it’s downright dangerous. And the press is among the most dangerous of all.

–Sleaze and Sloth in the Media Elite Howard Bloom

==You Are STILL Being Lied To: The NEW Disinformation Guide to Media Distortion, Historical Whitewashes and Cultural Myths (Disinformation Guides) (Russ Kick, Editor)

 Not only are the press inherently biased, as to rise up in the corporate controlled media one must adhere to the liberal party line so much so that all of the garbage piled up from prior reporters over the ages and the current all engulfing liberal mindset of almost every newsroom in the world creates a totally embraced internalization of these views as ones own, but the vast majority of the media, and clearly there are exceptions, are far more ignorant than we can possibly imagine.

The “Peter Principal” whereby reporters and editors “rise to the level of their incompetence” is on steroids as incompetence, stupidity and ignorance are more than compensated for by good looks and ideological adherence. In the case of the “No-Go Zones” the evidence of their insidious existence has been well documented over recent years and is perfectly well known in the cities and townships of Europe. Their existence, however, just does not fit into the liberal, open society cutey one world vision of the left. Inconvenient truths are disregarded or rationalized into a phantom zone of none-existence.  

 Stupid is as Stupid Does.

A 120-page research paper entitled “No-Go Zones in the French Republic: Myth or Reality?” documented dozens of French neighborhoods “where police and gendarmerie cannot enforce the Republican order or even enter without risking confrontation, projectiles, or even fatal shootings.”

In October 2011, a 2,200-page report, “Banlieue de la République” (Suburbs of the Republic) found that Seine-Saint-Denis and other Parisian suburbs are becoming “separate Islamic societies” cut off from the French state and where Islamic Sharia law is rapidly displacing French civil law.

The report also showed how the problem is being exacerbated by radical Muslim preachers who are promoting the social marginalization of Muslim immigrants in order to create a parallel Muslim society in France that is ruled by Sharia law.

The television presenter asks: “What if we went to the suburbs?” Obertone replies: “I do not recommend this. Not even we French dare go there anymore. But nobody talks about this in public, of course. Nor do those who claim, ‘long live multiculturalism,’ and ‘Paris is wonderful!’ dare enter the suburbs.”

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09d35c4ce7777d3e670d361f4f8c723bNationalism will rise rapidly in Europe as the cultures and history of each nation-state will be defended, finally. However, it is almost impossible to imagine that this occurs without a bloodbath. No civilization can withstand the assault of an invasion of the magnitude in numbers and in the complete unwillingness of the invading civilizations to adapt to the social, philosophical and legal framework of the culture and society under attack. The liberal, Panglossian mind assumes that no-go zones can not exist for they fly in the face of the mutability and social adaptability, even malleability of all humanity, no matter the origins of the people in question.  All societies form not just ontogenetically, but through unique histories and the perpetuation of language, mores, even facial expressions over time, a phylogenetic imprint.

The Muslim world, particularly the Arab and North African Muslim civilizations have a foundational core that is equal to those of the European cultures now being eaten upon. The supporting memes of the ideology of multiculturalism are false and the ideas that have become a core of the liberal, globalist elite view will prove to be the catalyst for one of the most dangerous and likely violent of social and civil unrest in Europe since the Thirty Years War.

7504adad8bb96320eb3afdd4df6e1f60The Media as the mouthpiece for a false ideology, devoid of the truth of the human sociology of culture and culturally driven perceptions of reality should receive a goodly portion of the blame for what lies ahead in Europe and the world. Muslim cultures cannot be assimilated, now and perhaps ever. The Clash of Civilizations is upon us. 

Hate in Europe: Germany’s Anti-Islamic Protests

Every Monday since the beginning of October, protesters have taken to the streets of Dresden, Germany, under the banner of “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the Occident” (PEGIDA). While the initial protests in early October saw 350 demonstrators in attendance, the numbers have risen week by week, reaching 25,000 on January 12.

Up until very recently, PEGIDA demonstrators have largely refused to speak to the media, who they accuse of manipulating their message. In spite of this, VICE News traveled to Dresden to witness one of the continent’s largest anti-Islamic movements and to discover what PEGIDA’s aims are for Germany and for Europe as a whole.

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Left-wing media downplays 17,500 strong anti-Islam demonstrations across Germany

A record 17,500 protestors turned up in Dresden on Monday night to protest against the supposed Islamification of Germany, according to police figures.

However, the figure was well down on the 30,000 that organisers of the Pegida (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamification of the West) had hoped to reach in a Facebook posting late Monday.

It also represents a slight slowing in the growth of the group, who in the past two weeks had gone from 10,000 to 15,000 demonstrators.

The protestors sang Christmas carols outside the city’s opera house – in a move condemned by the local bishop as “exploiting a Christian symbol and a Christian tradition” for political purposes.

Meanwhile, in Munich, a counter-demonstration in support of immigrant and Muslim rights drew 12,000 supporters on Monday night.

Germany has been rocked by the sudden outburst of anti-Muslim and anti-Islam fever in Dresden, where the protests started three months ago – initially with only a few hundred.

Appropriating the symbolism of the peaceful revolution that overthrew the communist regime in East Germany 25 years ago, the group march on Monday nights and use the slogan “Wir Sind die Volk” (We Are The People).

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German police see rise in far-right extremism:

Berlin AFP – German police have noted a significant rise in far-right extremism and attacks targeting foreigners, a news report said Sunday, amid national debate about a new Islamophobic movement.The trend is seen as a backlash against a sharp increase in refugees arriving in Germany, Europe’s biggest economy and top destination for asylum-seekers and other migrants.”We’re seeing a significant nationwide increase in xenophobic offences,” Federal Criminal Police Office chief Holger Muench told an interior ministers conference last week, the Welt am Sonntag reported, citing participants.In the latest attack, three buildings reserved to house asylum seekers were set ablaze in the southern town of Vorra last Thursday, with Nazi swastikas and racist slogans scrawled on the walls.Germany’s domestic security agency estimates there are almost 22,000 far-right extremists, more than a quarter of them neo-Nazis, in the country. About 10,000 are considered potentially militant.In the eastern state of Saxony, the number of anti-foreigner crimes has reached 179, up from 152 the previous year and the highest level in over a decade, the newspaper reported.

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Famous Barcelona bullring may be converted into Europe’s biggest mosque

The Moors conquered Barcelona in 717 and remained in power for just 80 years, and there are almost no Moorish remains. They established a garrison in the city under the command of a Wali. While the cathedral was converted into a mosque and taxes levied on non-Muslims, religious freedom and civil government was largely respected. The local Walíwas mostly concerned with military matters, with the count and the local bishop having large day-to-day control of the local population. After a long siege, they lost the city to the Franks of Louis the Pious on 4th April 801.Rotlle-genealogic-borrell-II-de-barcelona

Despite various unsuccessful attempts by the Emirat in Cordoba to recapture the city, the relationship between Barcelona and the Moors did not end there. Apart from the tragic expedition of al-Mansur (985), the Taifa kingdoms brought a major flow of Moorish gold to Barcelona that helped the subsequent prosperity, led by the Count’s Palace. The Almoravids did not cease sending cavalry sorties against the city, more or less successful, until the beginning of the 12th century.

So, let’s see here if this is right. The Moor’s conquered what was once an important Roman city, that had become the capital of Hispania after being taken by the Visigoths, in 717 and held it until 801 when Charlemagne’s son, Louis, took it back permanently under the Christian label. The Moors raided the city off and on, as was their urge, for the next 400 years.

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but is not the Emir of Qatar one of the more important sources of funds for the Islamic Jihad in Syria and Iraq since the very start of terrorist hostilities, with the not so subtle goal of recreating at least the Rashidun Caliphate, if not the more expansive and longer lived Umayyad Caliphate, which of course included what became Moorish Spain? And he is going to create the largest Mosque in Europe in Barcelona?

Has the world truly gone insane? The answer is obvious. I am not anti any religion as long as that religion does not preach harming others or restrict in any way the freedom of religion of anyone regardless of under what national flag they live. Freedom to self-destruct is still a freedom, but it is not a freedom that I would recommend.

The Emir of Qatar has reportedly agreed to roll out €2.2 billion ($2.99 bn) to convert Barcelona’s Monumental bullring into a 40,000-capacity mosque, the biggest in Europe, by 2020, if the city council approves the project.

The building would include a 300m high minaret which may become the third largest in the world after those in Mecca and Medina, reports 20 Minutos, Spain’s most-read general newspaper, citing its sources close to the project. The mosque for Barcelona’s Muslims will also have a conference hall, a Koran study center, housing up to 300 people, and a museum of Islamic art and history.

The Balaña Group in Barcelona has already agreed the sale, reports 20 Minutos. The next stage will be discussing the project with the city council and getting its approval. The Balaña group, however, hasn’t confirmed the information, the paper writes.

According to the Statistics Department of Barcelona´s Town Council, at least 500,000 Muslims were living in Barcelona in 2012. But despite this significant number, the city has only several small houses of worship for Muslims.

“Locals would have to be proud that Muslims transformed the pain of the bulls into a spiritual center,” Mowafak Kanfach, owner of Barcelona’s Arabic Book Shop, told 20 Minutos. “The law says that everyone has the right to pray in a dignified place, not in a commercial premises.”

The Plaza Monumental de Barcelona, opened in 1914, has hosted the concerts of many celebrities, including the Beatles, Tina Turner, the Rolling Stones and Bob Marley. Since the ban on bullfights in Catalonia in 2010, no bullfighting has been held in the arena.

The Monumental Bullring is not the first place in the city to be considered as a site for a mosque. In 2004, the city authorities negotiated with Saudi Arabia over the Las Arenas bullring. However, the plan was postponed and finally Barcelona council decided to build a shopping center instead of a mosque.

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