Who Would Ever Give Hillary Top Secrete Clearance Ever Again?

There is little hope for America without a long cycle of the cleansing fires of collapse, tyranny, revolution and eventually rebirth and freedom. How much corruption can be shown as fact before the idiocracy admits that their goddess is nothing but an old, ugly and evil witch wrapped in a pig pantsuit blanket? Where is Toto to pull back the curtain? Though we are likely too far gone to let truth, no matter how obvious and concrete, to invade the space that is occupied by the unfortunate brainwashed with their delusions. 

Hillary Failed Math

by Michael Stanford Long

In certain quarters, Hillary Clinton is believed to be the most brilliant woman in the U. S. She gave that splendid speech at her Wellesley College commencement and it was hailed as so dazzling that it is considered world famous in many democratic circles. Hillary also aced an A+ in Alinsky and his Radiant Future, a self-taught course that proselytizes 12 rules of community organizing which seem to blend manipulating the lower economic classes with 1960s dope dreams.

Saul Alinsky did have one interesting quote that reminds one of dear old Groucho Marx, “I’ve never joined any organization —– not even the ones I’ve organized myself.” As a community organizer (Obama also went in for this fantasy), Alinsky’s organizations, were reserved solely for the lower economic strata. No one seems to know of any communities that Saul or Hillary organized so let’s leave it at Hillary’s brilliance and move on to 4th grade math.

Let us assume that Hillary is as hardworking (fighting for the American people) as she is brilliant. An interesting example might be that she worked 365 days a year for 4 years as Secretary of State. She therefore clocked 1460 hard working days fighting for the American people.  What vigor! Two points are questionable. The first involve simple math. Take 30,000 alleged personnel emails and 1460 days as the divisor, and the result is that Hillary is fiddling with over 20 emails per day. Yoga, weddings, hairdressers, and weight watchers can certainly be time consuming (on the overtaxed taxpayers dime).

The second problem is SKIF or Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, as in the Secretary of State’s spacious offices. This means that NO wireless devices (cell phones, Blackberries etc.) are allowed to be used within the confines of the SKIF areas. This is obviously for security reasons and is supervised by the CIA. Therefore, as U.S. Ambassador Lewis Lukens testified in the Judicial Watch V. State Dept. FOIC deposition of 18 May 2016, Hillary had to leave her desk/office every time she wanted to use her email device and walk to the corridor or for privacy the vacant office opposite her office.

hillary_hog_ben_garrisonOn numerous occasions she was seen in the corridor using her Blackberry. All of this nonsense because she refused to learn how to use a State Dept. desktop computer to check her personal email. Originally she stated that the Blackberry was for “Convenience.”  Some convenience, some fabrication, but certainly healthy exercise. Was this convenient story just another in a long history of untruths, fibs and good old whopper lies coming from the most brilliant woman in the U.S.? Could the reader imagine past Sec. of State Dean Acheson, (1949-53) rising from his chair in his elegant Saville Row suit, and hanging around the outside corridor, and calling his—-tailor? Looking like a bookie to boot. Highly unlikely. 

The State Dept. avoided Rubes in those days. Mr. Secretary Acheson would have appreciated the security problems and taken a 15-minute course in the workings of email on a desk top. He would have followed these very important security laws. This was unfortunately beyond the scope of our most brilliant woman. Her use of a Blackberry also foiled any FOIC requests that would have exposed the record of an incredibly inept political hack.

How stupid is Hillary with computers? I will address two incidents that were wholly ignored by the left-wing, in the bag media and give a good indication of her computer illiteracy. Upon being questioned by the media concerning the security of her server in Chappaqua, Hillary stated with a straight face, “the server was guarded by the Secret Service detail.” Was that an attempt at Humor? I have always felt that her sense of humor runs to that of the Germans: She takes her humor seriously! (Please, no offense to our German readers). Did she really think the Secret Service was guarding the server from hackers with their trusty 9mm. semiautomatic?

The “wiping episode” is also of interest. When asked by a Fox newsman about someone wiping the hard-drive clean, Hillary answered the question by asking “Do you mean like wiping it with a cloth?” The silence followed by that illustrious question explained it all. For all her alleged brilliance, she does not have a clue.

So what are the conclusions drawn from all of this? Certainly with the ACTUAL number of working days fighting for the American people, everyone knows (except Hillary), that in our math exercise, the quotient goes UP in direct proportion to the decline in the divisor. Did she spend half of her time lurking about that vacant office checking personnel emails and the rest of her time working on Bill’s speaking fees. 30,000 so-called personal emails are an awful lot and I hope the rag that Hillary used to wipe the hard-drive clean left some emails for the FBI to ponder. It is more than obvious that she is as secretive as the old CHEKA and deathly afraid of anyone finding out just how incompetent she is.

The FBI are building a great case for naught as the Obama Fix is in.  A further delay can be easily made by appointing a special prosecutor??? Webb Hubbell for starters? Clearly, no matter who wins the election this fall Obama, of the infinite arrogance will pardon Hillary and her entire corrupt despicable family, with the grace of a Thanksgiving turkey pardon. Or, Hillary wins the election, pardons Bill and herself and fires Webb (with a golden handshake from the Clinton Fraudation).

The only question is: Who authorizes Pres. H. Clinton’s new security clearance????

NY Filing Shows Clinton Foundation’s Millions In Foreign Donations

Clinton Foundation officials used an obscure New York state charity board filing to disclose that the non-profit received nearly $17.7 million in donations from foreign governments while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned. The specific foreign governments were not identified in the document, entitled “Exhibit A.”

The latest filing was submitted last January before the public charity division operated by New York Attorney General Eric Schneidermann, a Democrat. The money was given between 2010 and 2013, the exact years when Clinton was America’s chief diplomat.

The January filings also were unusual in that the latest submission now constituted a third “official” revised version of the Clinton Foundation’s financial statements for the foundation’s activities while Clinton was in public office.

Last November, amid much fanfare, foundation officials issued a second revision of the foundation’s federal tax filings for the four years.

-NY Filing Shows Clinton Foundations Millions In Foreign Donations

-Hillary Clinton Oversaw US Arms Deals to Clinton Foundation Donors

Source: NY Filing Shows Clinton Foundation’s Millions In Foreign Donations | The Daily Caller