Fabricated compassion: Democrats abandon U.S. homeless, veterans and the hungry in rush to roll out red carpet for illegals – NaturalNews.com

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The extraordinary ability of the ideologically warped human being to self-delude themselves into accepting their cohorts unified interpretation of reality never ceases to amaze me, no matter how absurd and devoid of rationality the voice of the herd becomes a chorus following the initial chirpings of their chosen leaders. Rarely has there been a better example than this in the stupidity in which the “liberal” spectrum from Washington, the sycophantic media sheep and the “intelligentsia” of our corrupted academia have embraced such a purely and obviously self-serving political response to the invasion of our national borders by the armies of the indigent, children and adults alike, and the corrupt, violent and dangerous as well, from other nations. If they arrived in ships rather than on foot would Nancy Pelosi still want to take them into her home? Would the media produce the same biased stories if the children were arriving from Africa?

We are being invaded, plain and simple and those that accept this, were aware of it long before it hit the public eye, that were instrumental in planning and fostering this literal invasion and desecration of our nation’s sovereignty deserve no praise, no acceptance, for these actions are treason, treason. A nation is and will remain defined by it’s borders, tpreview.crocodiletearshe demarcation line that divides its citizens from the rest of the world. The violation of America’s national sovereignty without the full consent of the American people by constitutional means are acts that should be now, and the futures history will confirm it as so, sufficient grounds for more than impeachment or rejection at some future manipulated ballot box, but are grounds for the immediate right of revolution.

Homeless-in-America_beta-gibbsWe have homeless Americans. We have hungry Americans and millions without jobs or prospects. We have gangs terrorizing many of our inner cities and murder rates far too high that have nothing to do with gun control. We have decaying infrastructure. We also have far worse humanitarian crisis around the world, many of which are also the direct result of years of Imperial America’s bloody, corrupt and heartless military and socioeconomic interventions in the pursuit of “our” national and corporate self-interests. And yet, we are guided to believe that the “liberal” herd has, out of purely “humanitarian” empathy and Godlike purity of heart, come to conclude that our southern borders are a fiction and that we should accept the death of our national heritage without outrage?  

This was a purely political act based on purely political calculations by the White Houses occupants, supported by the inane bloviating of the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the Lollipop Congresswoman. A political act deserves no less than a political death. America is at risk. 9/11 was not our nation’s new Pearl Harbor–though it led to the war that the power elites wanted, just like the set-up events of December 7th did, no the planned invasion of our national sovereignty by a more insidious and covert attack on the very soul of America is the real Pearl Harbor of today.

And we seem unable to act. Cloward-Piven strategy be damned. 

South Sudanese Children Starving While Aid Falling Short | Inter Press Service

globalisationWASHINGTON, Jul 15 2014 (IPS) – Even as aid workers are warning that children in South Sudan are falling victim to mass malnutrition, international agencies are said to be missing their fundraising goals to avert a looming famine in the country.

On Monday, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), the international medical relief organisation, reported that nearly three-quarters of the more than 18,000 patients admitted to the agency’s feeding programmes in South Sudan have been children. South Sudan has experienced mounting civil violence in recent months, which humanitarian groups warn has directly impacted farmers’ ability to plant and grow crops.

A child snacks in her family’s new shelter, at Protection of Civilians (POC) camp III, near UN House, in Juba. Credit: UN Photo/JC McIlwaine

Yet even as South Sudan’s malnutrition epidemic intensifies, seven major international aid agencies, all of which prioritise food security in South Sudanese villages, may have to shut down their projects due to severe funding gaps.

Naming South Sudan to be “the most pressing humanitarian crisis in Africa,” CARE International, a U.S.-based relief agency, has stated that the United Nations’ most recent appeal for South Sudan is less than half funded.

The U.N. says some 1.8 billion dollars is urgently needed in the country, yet CARE says that seven implementing agencies are short by some 89 million dollars.

[gview file=”http://www.troutinmilk.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/South-Sudanese-Children-Starving-While-Aid-Falling-Short-_-Inter-Press-Service.pdf”]

latinos NaturalNews) “We are all connected. We can’t just build a wall or a fence and say no more. This is America. Our doors are open.” These are the words of U.S. House of Representatives John Lewis, (1) one of many democrats who seem to be stampeding over each other to see who can offer the most enticements to accelerate the flood of illegal aliens sweeping across America’s border. Those enticements include not just free housing, free health care, free food and free legal representation, they now include the federal government purchasing a massive luxury resort to house illegal children, sporting luxury swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness centers and free wi-fi. (2) (See photo below.) The mantra of democrats has suddenly become one of claiming America should no longer have any borders at all. Every adult or child from anywhere in the world, regardless of their criminal background, should be welcomed to America and deposited on the streets of U.S. cities, the democrats say. This is all being done in the name of “compassion,” because America is supposed to be a nation that cares about people. Thus, the economic costs of managing such an influx is irrelevant, we’re told, because compassion knows no limits of expenditure. [gview file=”http://www.troutinmilk.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/naturalnews.com-Fabricated_compassion_Democrats_abandon_US_homeless_veterans_and_the_hungry_in_rush_to_roll_out_red_c.pdf”]

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