Facebook Censors Swedish Story About Rapes by Muslim Refugees-Why?

Muslims will destroy Europe. It will become a bloodbath as the indigenous white, culturally diminished, brain washed formerly Christian population rises up to defend their culture before it is too late. Unfortunately,this response is exactly the one expected. 

The Fascist Technocratic Administrative State, headquartered in Brussels, will use the violent chaos as the crisis it has been anticipating, planning and  fomenting in order to impose Europe wide martial law. What happens to the Muslims then is anyone’s guess, however, it is my assumption that they will be slaughtered, exported and wiped of the face of the earth. The secular humanist state of the transnational elites can never tolerate a religion such as Islam to compete with them by demanding loyalty and obedience to any god other than the State.  

What Obama and Bush before him are doing here is similar in process and in intent with a slightly different end game. It is utilizing the invasion of Latinos, gang members, murderers, druggies and rapists to perform the same function, however. Yes, of course there are good people in the mix, as I am sure their are with the Muslims invading Europe, but it does not take a total majority to wreak the necessary social violence and hatred needed to impose martial law. It is likely in the case of America that the invading hordes will not be eliminated or sent home, but that their presence will serve to bring about the North American Union of Mexico, the United States and Canada as the necessary first step towards world government.

It is not PC hate speech that Facebook is restricting, it is information about what is really happening to Europe, knowledge that is almost universally denied in America by the mainstream media. While Europeans are rapped and beaten by muslims every day by the hundreds if not soon thousands, America can worry about the death of a gorilla ( sad though it may be) or occupy itself with the well funded and executed riots following Donald Trump.

We will not hear about the rise of violence against whites by blacks and Latinos until it becomes a conflagration. Facebook, despite their protests, is a total tool of the powers that rule us, those that seek a borderless, homogenized world controlled by them, a world where the transgendered can piss wherever they want but most other true freedoms, like the right to privacy, property, guns, free speech and individual civil rights have been squashed. All for the good of the whole, for the State. 

Facebook censorship of individual member pages is not just limited to the United States.  On Wednesday, Facebook deleted the personal account/page of Ingrid Carlqvist, the Gatestone Institute’s Swedish expert. Her offense was posting a video news report she created for Gatestone that discussed an almost 1,500% increase in rapes in Sweden. Ms. Carlqvist suggests the increase of rapes may be attributable to the mass influx of immigrants coming mainly from Muslim countries such as Iraq, Syria and Somalia.Gatestone Institute is a non-partisan; not-for-profit international policy think tank run by former UN Ambassador John Bolton.

Carlqvist’s video (embedded below) is an updated version of a research paper published by Gatestone in February of 2015 which, based on quantitative research, speculated the increase in rapes was attributable to the arrival of large blocks of refugees from Islamist countries.  While Sweden itself doesn’t allow the collection of ethic information from criminals, Ingrid Carlqvist uses other related data in an attempt to link the two.  The video is scholarly, not sensationalist in tone.

Source: Facebook Censors Swedish Story About Rapes by Muslim Refugees | MRCTV