‘Fake’ Reform: Little To Celebrate As USA Freedom Act Passes House arcana imperii

Tacitus called arcana imperii—empire and its method as a “hidden thing,” shrouded above all from the people it ruled

Humanity, throughout history, has faced genocides, atrocities, poverty and starvation. One thing is for certain though, in the end, good has always triumphed – until now. In this new era, technology, like never before, is destined to play a decisive role. Behind this realignment, enormous streams of capital are being expended and – more importantly – invested behind the scenes. The people controlling this money are not about to see their control dissipate as the nation-states vanish.

Money makes its own rules. It is all about control … of everything on the planet. It no longer matters who runs which Western country. The powerful men behind the curtain (secret societies, the elite, London, Wall Street and other financial interests) will remove anyone not to their liking, or bad for their business. Business is money, and money makes its own rules. Totality of rule is not the only parameter of totalitarianism.

===TransEvolution: The Coming Age of Human Deconstruction (Estulin, Daniel)

As Frederick Douglas insisted long ago, “power cedes nothing without a struggle; it never has and it never will.”

We are lied to every day in infinite variety from practically every corner of our national capital and the toadies that absurdly call themselves purveyors of the news. If anyone out there thinks that we have not gone well beyond our fictitious democracies capacity to restrain the surveillance state they must be puffing on some excellent weed. The system of control and completely ubiquitous surveillance has transcended anyone’s capacity to restrain it. Information is power. Access to total information decrees total power. The NSA and the other, sort of convert, agencies gathering the data on everything anyone of us does in this nation has created an information SkyNet that even a Terminator roaming the halls of power in Washington could not tame. For God’s sake, every damn Twitter ever produced by the Twitter crazed population is stored at the Library of Congress–that is billions upon billions and growing every day.

We have already lost the war over privacy, it is done. Privacy is a right that is essential to the perpetuation of individual freedom. Privacy is now dead and buried and without a true revolution, the kind where citizens of America and the world are willing to die on the barricades once again, it will remain six feet under forever. Freedom as we have historically defined it is soon to follow to be replaced by the “freedom” we are handed by the power elites. I hope you enjoy Dancing With the Stars and Kim Kardasian’s prodigious butt, entertainment and sexual freedom, maybe even drugs ( but for the fact that the illegal drug trades cash flows are so damn important to the finance capitalist system) will be all we have left of freedom.

Fake’ Reform: Little To Celebrate As USA Freedom Act Passes House

Though the overwhelming and bipartisan passage of the USA Freedom Act in the House of Representatives on Wednesday portends the end of the NSA’s mass collection of Americans’ private telephone records, civil liberties groups found little else to celebrate as the ultimate passage of the bill, which now heads to the Senate, would re-authorize a number of worrisome programs by extending the life of the controversial Patriot Act.Following a federal court ruling last week that deemed a provision of the Patriot Act, known as Section 215, as not a sound legal basis for the bulk phone data collection program, H.R. 2048, which passed the House by a vote of 338-88, would put a definitive end to the practice that was first revealed to the American public by documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013. However, despite strong objections from critics, the bill reauthorized Section 215 for other uses and would expanded other surveillance mechanisms and powers for government agencies.Though some progressive groups found it possible to support the bill for its strong stance against the domestic phone records program, tougher critics said that though they welcome the end of that specific program, the USA Freedom Act’s re-authorization of broader Patriot Act powers could not be ignored.

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Source: ‘Fake’ Reform: Little To Celebrate As USA Freedom Act Passes House

Last summer, after months of encrypted emails, I spent three days in Moscow hanging out with Edward Snowden for a Wired cover story. Over pepperoni pizza, he told me that what finally drove him to leave his country and become a whistleblower was his conviction that the National Security Agency was conducting illegal surveillance on every American. Thursday, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York agreed with him.In a long-awaited opinion, the three-judge panel ruled that the NSA program that secretly intercepts the telephone metadata of every American — who calls whom and when — was illegal. As a plaintiff with Christopher Hitchens and several others in the original ACLU lawsuit against the NSA, dismissed by another appeals court on a technicality, I had a great deal of personal satisfaction.It’s now up to Congress to vote on whether or not to modify the law and continue the program, or let it die once and for all. Lawmakers must vote on this matter by June 1, when they need to reauthorize the Patriot Act.

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Source: Why NSA surveillance is worse than you’ve ever imagined

The USA Freedom Act Doesn’t End Bulk Data Collection » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

The business records provision of the Patriot Act, known as Section 215, is scheduled to expire on June 1st. It’s the legal basis for the NSA’s collection of telephone metadata inside American borders. A few days ago the House Judiciary Committee proudly announced that it had approved a bill, (HR 2048/S.1123) the USA Freedom Act of 2015, which alters the provisions of Section 215. The Judiciary Committee claims that their proposed legislation “ends bulk collection.” At best this is a mischaracterization that flagrantly ignores additional surveillance laws.According to language of the bill the revisions defined by the USA Freedom Act would narrow business record collection by restricting the “selection term” used to request call records to “an individual, account, or personal device.”

In other words instead of requesting call record metadata from “everyone in the state of Ohio” government spies would be forced to explicitly limit the terms of their request to something like “John Q. Smith’s cellphone”. Though your author wonders if an Internet backbone router counts as a personal device.The case for curbing phone record collection is fairly strong. Section 215 of the Patriot Act was ostensibly instituted in an effort to combat terrorism. Yet there’s very little evidence to suggest that vacuuming up telephone meta-data is useful as a way to prevent terrorism. In fact, Ed Snowden states for the record that it has more to do with imposing “social control.”

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Source: The USA Freedom Act Doesn’t End Bulk Data Collection » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

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