Where Is Fallujah Boy Where Is Yemeni Boy Where Is Tripoli Boy?

The society of experts will control propaganda and education. It will teach loyalty to the world government, and make nationalism high treason. The government, being an oligarchy, will instill submissiveness into the great bulk of the population…It is possible that it may invent ingenious ways of concealing its own power, leaving the forms of democracy intact, and allowing the plutocrats or politicians to imagine that they are cleverly controlling these forms…whatever the outward forms may be, all real power will come to be concentrated in the hands of those who understand the art of scientific manipulation.

==Tragedy and Hope 101: The Illusion of Justice, Freedom, and Democracy (Plummer, Joseph)

PICT0014The use of the Aleppo Boy, like the dead Muslim Greek Beach Boy, is a pure propaganda tool, in this case to inflame emotions against Assad and Russia in preparations for war. Look at all of the headlines across America and Europe from the major media outlets as they shed crocodile tears for the death of a few children, just as likely at the hands of the insurgent rebels in the Syrian civil war as the Assad regime or the Russians. This it the same media that hardly mentions the continued constant murder of the innocent, children, men and women in Yemen from the American sponsored Saudi bombing of that nation, also intervening in a civil war. None of these wars have even the most remote humanitarian rationale, but only one could lead to war with Russia and Putin’s Russia is the enemy we seek to destroy.

America murders children around the world in the pursuit of what the American and CIA controlled European media absurdly calls humanitarian. Where is Fallujah Boy? Where are the pictures of the on going birth defects and children dying of cancer in Iraq from “spent” uranium tipped munitions?  We have justice on our side as only the American and NATO elites know what justice is and what deaths can be pronounced collateral damage in the pursuit of the betterment of the people being decimated by our wonderful bombs. Only American military industrial elites shall reap the rewards for their continued support of the power elites pursuit of global domination. Wake the Hell Up–this is the stuff that happens before America goes to war. The media, as well as the elites, should be charged with crimes against humanity when this war becomes reality.

Guardian deletes comments to control Syria agenda: Aleppo Boy & WAR

imagesnnewsThe Guardian wasted no time in further exploiting the al Nusra promotional vid it already splurged on its front pages without bothering to check the source. Hardly was it uploaded to the servers before the Graun was using it as a platform to promote – yet again – the (current) official western narrative on Syria, viz that it’s all about Assad and his Russian allies brutalising civilians and some lovely vaguely-defined “rebels”, and if only they could be made to stop everything would be fine.

We have to say “current” narrative because it changes, frequently. Yes, Assad was indeed previously the premier bad guy du jour, but after the failure to get approval for airstrikes against him, the official narrative became vague about than and started saying ISIS was the problem and no.1 threat to western civilisation, remember? And that remained the line until Russia intervened and started bombing ISIS, which unexpectedly blew that official narrative to bits.

Now we have version three, or a reboot of version two. Now suddenly and inexplicably, ISIS has gone from threatening the world with its multi-billion dollar oil and artefact empire to being a sort of barely-acknowledged bit-player whose precise whereabouts are never defined, except that they are never ever located were Russia is bombing – which is always where the “moderates” are.

Now, once again the problem is Assad, but mostly it’s Russia, because since they’ve been there they have done literally nothing but bomb hospitals. Because, you see, they are movie bad guys who are evil purely for the sake of it, and we in the west are heroes who have to somehow foil them.

Guardian deletes 45 of comments BTL to control its Syrian agenda

The atrocity of US-led aggression on a nonbelligerent country went unmentioned – nor do any Western media report the real Syria story.

Instead Aleppo Boy propaganda stunts are used to enlist public support for greater mass slaughter, destruction and displacement than already.

Propaganda wars precede and accompany hot ones. They relate what aggressors want people to know, suppress their ugly crimes and intentions, while enlisting public support for what demands universal opposition.

Aleppo Boy Omran may turn out to be a lit fuse for a more explosive war in Syria than currently. The conflict is already a potential flashpoint for East/West confrontation – the unthinkable horror of possible global war.

Aleppo Boys Photographer Ally of US-Supported Terrorists Elaborately staged Hoax

Propaganda tool? China skeptical over images of Syrian boy as source denies ties with child-killers

Aleppo Boys Photographer Ally of US-Supported Terrorists Elaborately staged Hoax Propaganda tool China skeptical over images of Syrian boy as source denies ties with child-killers